Part 6: Clark Fork, ID


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The Trip

We stayed with our Unimog buddy Norm at his place in Clark Fork, ID.  Due to a personal mobility issue, Norm has decided to sell his Unimog and 2.5 ton trailer, so the data on the truck and the photos are below.  Truck photos are interspersed with other photos, so look at entire page if interested in the truck and/or trailer.  If you are interested in the rig, contact Norm Becker directly via email at

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

1984 Mercedes Benz Unimog 1300L with OM-352 6-cyl diesel motor.  Approximately 1250 miles on new 8 speed transmission.  Truck comes with both working and crawling gears kits (not installed).  Klass overdrive on top of regular U1300L gears.  Roof air conditioning, all new tinted glass on all windows, dual fuel tanks (cap ~ 110 gallons total).  Service kit and cab lift kit (tools for service) are included with truck.  Spare tire crane and spare tire included.  Large capacity, heavy duty tool box currently installed in bed, but easily removable.  Work-in-progress custom camper included with truck.  18,000 electric winch on front bumper.  New exterior lights (fog, working, etc).  New 365/70R20 Continental MPT-81 tires.  External parts (bumper, etc) have been powder coated.  No body rust: truck re-painted with Emron polyurethane paint.  Air ride lumbar support driver's seat.  2.5 ton off road trailer with air brakes available at extra cost (negotiable).  Trailer wiring configured to support both civilian and military connectors.

Note the new 18,000 pound electric winch and new MPT-81 tires.

Roof has had custom modifications to accommodate the air conditioning unit.

Auxiliary fuel tank.

Classic Unimog rear end.

Can rack has been re-worked for the new form-factor plastic jerry cans.  Passenger side has standard fuel tank and battery box.

Standard SBU dash configuration.

Extra electronics were added to the roof.

Roof mounted air conditioning unit.

Klass Overdrive controls are mounted on shift lever for the 8 speed transmission.

Lumbar support, air ride driver's seat.

The marina on Pend Orielle lake.

Brunch at the floating restaurant was the order of the day.

The marina area was nice with slips for hundreds of boats.

Norm and Kathleen outside the "Floating Restaurant".

Covered slips were available if you want to pay the extra rent.

Trailer that is for sale (at extra price, negotiable).

New air lines and electrical connections for both civilian and military connectors.

Plain wooden decking on the trailer.  Easily replaced with your material of choice.

Thanks to Norm for hosting us at his ranch.  If you are interested in the Unimog, contact Norm directly at the email at the top of this page.

Next: Travel to Victor, MT and points east.

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