Part 16: Repair Actions Episode 2 and Travel to Kansas City


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The Trip

We had one more day of maintenance actions.  Looming large was the repair of my brake booster.  It seems that Thor has a rather unique configuration and that MB no longer provides a rebuild kit.  In the end, we found that there was some particulate contamination and a small scoring of a face seal.  Some shuffling of parts provided what was needed to get fully operational again.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

Eric and Rebecca came into Rob's from Alaska.  Above is a comparison of their Fuso-based Earth Cruiser versus Thor.

They are washing the truck prior to storage.  Their home in the Florida Keys has likely been damaged during one of the hurricanes so they must return to check on the property.

The source of the air leak is the big green can (the "brake booster") at the left-center of the photo above.  The two white plastic cups are brake fluid reservoirs for front and rear circuits of the brakes.

The booster was removed from the brake system and torn apart.  The top must be restrained when the bolts are removed to prevent the spring from sending things flying.

Once the top was off and spring and piston removed, the assembly was in good shape.

Inner pistons with some odd grease on the seals.

The whole assembly was stripped into base components.  A bad seal was discovered deep in the guts; the seal was replaced and the unit was reassembled.

Next up was re-routing some of the a/c hoses to prevent chafing.  Note the splice in the top line.  Hoses were spliced, re-routed, secured and the system was charged with coolant.

We finally left La Junta and headed east.  We spent the night in Garden City, KS and passed a wind turbine factory.  Above are blades for the turbines.

After a night in a decidedly low-budget RV park, we continued east and passed a huge wind farm co-located with millet fields.

I try to stay alert when I drive.  I checked the rear view and saw the weinermobile from the 1950s passing me.  Got a photo as the 'mobile passed us.

We spent the night with a friend in Overland, KS.  Next morning she took us to the Union Station to see some sights.  Across from the station is this nice fountain.

To the south is the WWI memorial tower.

Inside Union Station I noticed great ceiling treatment in the great hall of the building.

Our hostess, Barb, too us to the miniature train museum at Union Station.  They had a large fleet of trains of various gauges as well as intricate towns.

The drive-in was showing a movie.

A very detailed round house.

From the museum we walked outside to an old bridge that spanned the tracks.  From the tracks we could see one of the hundreds of trains that passes through the yard every day.

From the 1892 bridge we could see the performing arts center in the distance.

We also had a clear view of the Stuart Hall building.

Next to Union Station was this very-well preserved FP-9A locomotive built in the late 1950s.

In the distance the Western Auto building can be seen.

Of all the luck!  While driving around central KC, MO we turned onto a side street and again spotted the Weinermobile, this time at rest.  This vehicle is built upon a truck chassis as it has dual wheels in the rear.

Our destination was the Nelson Gallery.

An outside sculpture at the gallery.  This is "Shuttlecocks".

There were several more sculptures in the front yard including a Rodin.

Turns out that there are a number of "The Thinker" sculptures by Rodin, this being but one.

Another brass sculpture in the yard.

Abandoned steel plate or art?

This is a Chillida.  Sounds yummy, but you cannot get a chillida at Taco Bell.  Chillida in this case means Eduardo Chillida, the artist.

One of my favorite "art exhibits" are these two bulbs on extension cords.  I failed to notice the artist because, well, I don't care.

Another fine example of modern "art" is this black rectangle.  The composition and edges evoke a certain tension between good and the forces of evil.  Or so the writeup claims.

This piece was intriguing in that it produced a shimmer on the retina as one walks past it.  Very interesting.

A large stainless steel tree.  This sculpture is called "Ferment".

Large stone sculptures on the lawn.  This is "Sheep Piece".

Another large brass sculpture: "Large Interior Form".

The gallery and sculpture park were interesting, but what passes as art in some circles is a mystery to me.  Tomorrow, we continue east.

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