Part 15: Repair Actions in La Junta: Episode 1


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The Trip

We spent the night at the shop so we were in position for an early start.  The photos below show a portion of the maintenance/repair actions that were done on Thor in addition to some of Terry Lee's active inventory of Unimogs and other trucks.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

This U1550 is being outfitted as a ranch transport vehicle.  Note front winch.

They did a really nice job on the fit and finish.  Note rear winch.

An expedition camper on a U1300L platform.

A newer DOKA being worked-over.

Thor on the truck lift before servicing the under side of the vehicle.  Kathleen is inspecting the driveline.

Undercarriage as seen from the front bumper area.  From the top center going down: Bash plate whose installation was the result of a near-miss in Baja in 2010; front torsion bar; front axle; rear axle.

The front driveline terminates at the input to the front axle.  The input seal on this differential weeps and will be replaced.

The front king pin.

Output side of the transmission.  The shaft goes to the transfer case.

Transfer case.  Visible at top center is input shaft from transmission.  At the bottom left is the front drive line.  Also visible are the drain and fill plugs; air supply line for engagement of 4x4 and the 4x4 sensor and sensor return cable.

Parking brakes are only on the rear.  Inside the can is a huge coil spring.  Air pressure is required to overcome the force of the spring and disengage the brake.

Rear brake drum; spring stack; and parking brake actuator lever.

View of the tire crane only visible because the cab is tilted.

Front drive line after removing attachment bolts.

This flange needs to come out to allow access to the input seal.

Retaining metal was bent free and a huge impact wrench was used to retract the retaining nut.

After the nut has been removed, a gear puller is used to slip the collar off the shaft.

The collar and oil seal have been removed.

The splined collar.

The new oil seal for front axle input shaft.

The oil seal was tapped into the housing and then seated.  Now, the splined collar will be tapped back onto the shaft.

Once the retaining nut could grab the shaft, it was used as the seating press.  When tight, the retaining metal was bent back into position to prevent the retaining nut from turning.

Rob has a nice collection of antique safes in his office.

Belts were changed and the incorrect routing of the a/c hoses was corrected.

Since our last visit to La Junta, Rob purchased an additional shop to hold his inventory.  This mog, "Big Red" has been around and is Altar-Proven.  This truck is in great shape and has an automatic transmission in addition to the huge Werner winch.

A 4-door, 10 seat fire truck.

Another nice 2450L with automatic transmission.

Rob's sometimes-camper.  This rig was hand-built by a German couple.

Friday afternoon was upon us and our host had family matters to address, so we headed south to Picket Wire Canyon on the Pergatory River.  Our camp was on the southern lip of the canyon.

Looking south revealed a broad valley below surrounded by steep cliffs.

Some of the canyon walls were vertical rock.

Our side of the canyon also had steep walls.

We broke camp at Picket Wire and headed north across the grasslands.

The prairie was generally quite flat, but was punctuated by occasional cliff lines.

We just "took the weekend off".  More actions are slated for Monday.

Picket Wire Canyon was nice and worth a stop if you are in the area.

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