Part 18: Central Oregon Coast to Crescent City, CA


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The Trip

As we continued south, the scenery just coming at us.  We traveled at about 40 mph to allow good viewing and happily, there was little traffic.  We traveled through the Oregon Dunes area with our destination being Coos Bay, OR.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

The views from 101 were awesome.

There were some extensive coastal dunes that were visible from 101.

There were coastal lakes flanked by high sand dunes all visible from highway 101.

Near Dunes City, we spotted these Unimog-wannabe dune cruisers.

In a number of spots, the sand had blown onto 101.

Just north of Coos Bay, OR we passed several nice rivers.

Where river meets highway a bridge results.  On the north side of Coos Bay, there is a very large bridge.

That is the Coos Bay airport in the left center of the photo above.  The railroad bridge was open to allow ship traffic to pass.

We targeted Sunset Beach state park on the coast at Coos Bay for the night.  Before we set up camp, we traveled to the viewpoint at the end of the road to get a glimpse of the reef just off shore.  The rocks were covered in sea lions and their barking was incessant.

The coves were fog shrouded and lined with large drift wood logs.

The wave action was subdued due to this are being shielded by the point.

While looking at the reef, this vulture came by to see if we might be on the menu.

The reef took it's share of ships back in the sailing days.  The jagged rocks would tear a hull to bits.

To the south of the point, the coast disapeared into the fog.

The 1017 was the hit of the campground and we had plenty of folks stop by to see it.  The night was cold and foggy, but the next morning was better.  We broke camp and headed out to 101 via Seven Devils Road, then south.  Above is the lighthouse at Bandon, OR.

The beach at Bandon was nice and there were plenty of folks walking the shore.  But, the wind was strong and cold.

A number of the homes on the cliffs at Bandon had their own private stairways to the beach.

The reef at Bandon had some interesting rock formations.

From Bandon, we continued south on 101 toward California.

The area near Port Orford had nice sandy beaches.

Further south, we hit the fog again.

We pulled into a roadside cafe in Gold Beach, OR at the mouth of the Rogue River and spotted this.

From the cafe, we could see the tourists coming off the jet boats that operate on the Rogue.

Another large engineering wonder spans the Rogue River.

Near Brookings, OR we saw nice coastal rocks.

Coastal rock formations just north of Brookings, OR.  We attempted to stay at a park in the coastal dunes outside of Crescent City, CA but were unable to locate the park despite good maps and high technology.  In the end, we stayed at a regular RV park in Crescent City.

The central Oregon coast is without comparison in North America.  We have been here many times and will surely return.  If you go, plan your trip carefully both due to weather and time of year.  Since the area is scenic, it is also popular and therefore can be crowded along the coast.

Tomorrow, we head south along the coast to meet with another unimog buddy Mark in Arcata, CA.

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