Part 17: NWMF 2011 to Central Oregon Coast


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The Trip

We left NWMF 2011 in Sheridan, OR and headed to the coast.  First night, we stayed around Taft, OR at a normal RV site and did chores.  From there, we headed south along U.S. 101 and then back through the coastal mountains.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

Traveling along the coast highway, we spotted Jesus' boat inbound from fishing.

This sign makes a bold claim given some of the fish camps we have seen in Baja.

The entrance to Depoe Bay is below the bridge between these rocks.  Jesus' boat makes the passage as we go overhead.

We got many nice views of the shore and coastal rock formations that make seafaring in this area dangerous.

Who names these things anyway?  Frankly, I prefer the "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" naming scheme: "Yaquina Head Most Excellent Natural Area".

At Newport, OR we headed into the mountains on a back road and passed this paper mill along the Elk River.  Notice the fire hose of wood chips being sprayed.

The sign stated that this was a Georgia-Pacific plant.

There was a lot of infrastructure to support the wood plant.

We traveled up Elk Creek and found a nice spot along the road to camp.

We had the place to ourselves and the spot had both a nice sandy beach and a slow-flowing creek.

We waded in the water for awhile but in the end the bugs won the battle despite bug spray so we retreated to the camper for the night.

We wound our way through a maze of forest roads and despite the GPS and detailed maps, we got turned around several times.  The trails went over steep hills that were harvested by the logging companies.  Some areas were clear cut, others were left intact.  But, all the roads were narrow and steep.

They say ignorance is bliss.  There I  was driving along being blissful and spotted this tree trunk that had rolled off the cliff onto the trail.  Because the clear-cut hillsides were so steep, they were bleeding debris onto the trail.  As the trail went on, the number of large boulders and logs on the trail became a concern.  In the end, we were able to get through without moving any of the debris.

After many miles, we hit the county road and then the U.S. highway that took us along the Alsea River west to the ocean again.  The tidal areas along the Alsea we quite nice.

We started searching for a place to eat and ended up going north when we should have gone south.  We crossed over the Alsea Bridge and then turned south again.  We had a very late lunch in Waldport and then continued south.

The bridge over the Alsea River at Waldport, OR.

We continued south from Waldport for a short distance and came upon a USFS campsite right on the beach cliffs.  They had a spot for us directly next to the beach, so we took it for the night.  After we set up, we took our beach chairs and a bottle of wine to the sand and sat for a while.

The wind on the beach was strong, as it always is in this portion of the Pacific coast.  The prevailing winds are strong enough to cause deformations in the coastal trees.  Note the shape of the trees on the lip of the cliff.

It was quite foggy and cold after dark, but the fog generally cleared the next morning.  Before rolling out, Kathleen goes to the beach again for a photo or two.

We headed south along 101 and were treated to a feast of beautiful vistas.

We were traveling south into the sun which makes taking high quality photos a challenge.  But, technical challenges notwithstanding, the scenery was breathtaking.  It was hard to concentrate on driving, so I gave the camera to Kathleen.

Many creeks made their way to the ocean and each had a nice beach area.

The fog stayed with us most of the day obscuring the visibility.

In some areas, the fog banks were quite thick.

An observation point next to the shore.

We took too many good photos to easily fit into one web page, so I split them with the "next adventure".  This section of the Oregon coast is truly off the chart for scenery.  We have traveled this section at least 4 times over the years and I am sure that we will be back again soon.  But, beware, this area is well known by the locals and all the hotels, motels and campgrounds were full due to summer vacationers.

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