Day 6 and 7: San Quintin


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The Trip

The objective of the day was to get from nowhere to nowhere.  We were beat and needed a couple of down days.  The plan was to veg on the beach for several days and then return to the U.S.  Sadly, the wind would not leave us alone.  While not biting cold, it was enough to insure that most of the team had coats on most of the time.  When the sun went behind the clouds, it was time for extra layers. This location was suggested by Dave Clark in San Diego and it proved to be a good one.  While the site was not flat, it was sufficient and there were enough diversions to generally hold our attention.  No problem that beer will not fix, if applied in sufficient quantities.

The Map

Our location was Punta Estrada south west of San Quintin.  See the map below.

Map of the San Ignacio to San Quintin areas.

The Photos

From camp, looking north.

Across Bahia San Quintin.

Left over weather from the previous storm .

Volcanic rocks on the beach, cinder cones in distance.

Looking for low tide treasures.

Stuff in the tide pool.

A seemingly dead seal .

Not dead, he charged me!   Blind in left eye, also injured. His back was tweaked, so he moved with a "limp".

The view looking north from the top of the hill.  Volcanic cinder cones in distance.

Crashing waves on the Pacific side of the peninsula.

Wrecked ship near the lighthouse.

Mogs in camp with reef break in the distance.

Vocan Riveroll volcanic cinder cone.

Cleaning clams we got on the Pacific side.

Fisherman heading to work in the morning.

Light clouds in the distance.

Do in' a whole lot of nothing.

Preparing to ride the quads on the beach.

Returning from fishing through the reef break.

Our museum of beach flotsam.

Whale vertebrae.

Kathleen in camp.  Note the fleece coat.

Increasing winds raised spray from the breakers.

A Big Panorama Photo of Camp

I am happy to report that nothing of substance happened while we were in camp.  We just hung out, ate and generally relaxed.  I could have done without the wind, but there was no use complaining as there was nothing that we could do about it.  It was warmer on the second day in camp, providing some relief.

The plan was to break camp on Saturday morning and head directly back to the U.S.

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