Day 5: San Ignacio to San Quintin


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The Trip

The objective of the day was to get from San Ignacio (32) to San Quintin (13).  There we would meet up with Dan.  The plan was to have Dan escort Mike and family to the border to provide backup in case of mechanical failures or a worsening of Katie's condition.  Although we had no way to contact Dan once he was out of 2 meter radio range, but we were pretty sure that he would meet us there.  The camp had been scouted on the recon trip, so both Dan and Kai knew where we were going.  The plan seemed solid.

The Map

Our planned destination for the day was San Quintin (number 13).  See the map below.

Map of the San Ignacio to San Quintin areas.

The Photos

Morning fog on San Ignacio Lagoon.

The yurt .

Another view of the lagoon .

Our tent.  It was on a concrete slab.

The inside of the tent.

Water from the previous night's storm covering the main road.

Obstacles on the road (cow) .

A large elephant tree with rain in the distance.

A large cirio with many leaves.


Cirios with rain in the distance .

Cactus forest near Chapala.

Terrain near Catavina .

Near Catavina .

Cirios, cholla and elephant trees.

Mexican Graffiti and approaching rain.

More desert vegetation near Catavina.

Lunch stop near Catavina.

Desert icons .

Jackie Serrano in weather gear near Catavina.

We arrived at our camp on peninsula west of San Quintin well after dark.  I have no photos as it was a very long travel day.  Gladly, most of the trip was done in daylight with only the last part on the dirt done after dark.  We set up camp in the dark.  It was windy and cold and given the late hour we cooked the easiest thing that we could -- the soup that was given to us as part of Mike's cargo when he bolted for the border.  The soup was fast, hot and good, so it filled the Bill.  And the Kathleen.  And the Kai.

We went to sleep in the wind.  Having done this enough times, I was almost getting used to it.

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