Day 9: Joe's Chalet to Castle Chillon


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The Trip

We left Joe and Judy's chalet and went to a place called Castle Chillon.  Chillon is right on Lake Geneva and is something out of a gothic movie.  The exception is that this is real.  The author Byron was held prisoner here in the dungeon.  I think that the photos speak for themselves.  Sadly, it was overcast and cloudy.

The Photos

The shots below are reduced from the output size of the digital camera to 700 pixels wide.

From the driveway of Joe's chalet.  There was so much snow overnight that we were not sure that we could get out.

Note the walls of snow on the road.

The elevated motorway on the mountainside.

A resturant across the street from Castle Chillon.

Lake Geneva and Castle Chillon.

Entrance to the castle.

The entrance and the moat.

Another view of the moat.  Castle is being restored, note the scaffolding.

Courtyard of the castle.

The entrance to the dungeon from the courtyard.

Stairway down to the dungeon.

Archways that support the structure over the dungeon.

View of Lake Geneva from the dungeon.  It was cold, dark and damp, just as you would expect in a dugeon.

The hanging timber used to support the actual rope for hangings.

Lord Byron was a prisoner here in the dungeon.  He carved his name in the rock and was chained to a post.

It was just as dark as it seems.  It would be dreadful to spend much time here.

Plaque commerating the fact that they imprisoned Byron.

One of the towers at the castle.

Another section of the courtyard.

Stairs to a second level.

The parapet walkway.

Crossbow on the wall.

Female armor.  Or else it is a guy with a fat ass.

Male armor. Guess that the cup gives it away.

Tools of war. Pikes and spears.

The motorway in the distance.

Artwork in the ceiling of the foyer.

Another view of the courtyard.

Roofline of the water side of Castle Chillon.

Roof line and the waterfront.

It was a great day at Castle Chillon.  Now we head to Lausanne to see the nuclear fusion reactor.

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