Day 8: Aborted Day Skiing


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The Trip

We were at a chalet owned by one of the guys that Bob Means used to work with at the tokamak lab (Joe and wife Judy).  We went there for the weekend to do some skiing at the nearby areas.  Sadly, the weather prevented that, so we just hung around the chalet.  There was an avalanche across the canyon from where we were staying.

The Photos

The shots below are reduced from the output size of the digital camera to 700 pixels wide.

Chilling out.  The wine has not started yet, but it will.

View outside the chalet.  Other chalets are close by.

The clocktower at the ski area.

Lois and Judy attempt to ski, but only 1/2 of the lifts are open because of the weather and avalanche danger.

A mark from a bomb in World War II.

Back at the chalet, they bailed on skiing.

The chalet is nice, roomy and nicely appointed.

Kathleen helping with lunch.

Weather outside degrades.

An avalanche across the canyon, visible from the window of the chalet.  We heard it too.

That night, we went over the pass to France for dinner.  I don't recall the name of the little village, but they had a unique way of cooking.  You would order your dinner and it came to the table as raw slices of meat.  Then, they would bring a big 12"x18" slab of hot granite in a metal frame.  They put sterno underneath the rock and you put your meat on the slab to cook it right at the table.  Season to taste, cook till done.  They offer unlimited sides of salad and french fries.  Cooking at the table was interesting, although it was quite messy.  The grease from the duck splattered everywhere and made our clothes smell.  But, it was tasty, and since we washed it back with multiple bottles of red wine, any bad impressions were rinsed away.

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