Day 10: The Tokamak Reactor


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The Trip

The mission for the day was to head to the Swiss Polytechnique in Lausanne and see Bob's buddy who is now the lab director for the ITER fusion reactor.  We got the down and dirty tour, and got to see the reactor up close.

The Photos

The shots below are reduced from the output size of the digital camera to 700 pixels wide.

One of the odder sculptures I have seen.  On the grounds of the University Polytechnique.

A posterboard at the visitors area for the reactor.

A model of the control coils.

Control and monitoring equipment.

Cast stainless steel supports for the coils.  They generate tremendous forces when under load.

The actual current carrying coils (in plastic).

More of the very impressing support structure.

More control and monitoring equipment.

Bob Means and the device that he built when here.

Microwave plumbing.

Lab director shows monitoring ports and optical fibers looking into windows.

Coils, supports and monitoring ports.

Lois and Kathleen get the download from the Lab Director.

Microwave heating equipment.

Microwave injection mirror (ellipse).

Russian-made RF source.

More monitoring sensors.

Being a geek at heart (electrical engineer) I really enjoyed the visit to the reactor.  I had also seen the Doublet-III at General Atomics, been to the Nevada Test Site and see a TRIGA reactor in operation.  But, this was up close and personal, and therefore special.

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