Day 11: Touring in Lausanne


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The Trip

After touring the tokamak reactor, we spent the night at the Lab Director's house.  Very nice place and very nice people.  They showed us an abundance of goodwill and generosity  After a good nite's sleep, we set out to Lausanne to see the sights and generally check things out.  We went downtown for a little sightseeing and potentially shopping.  Then later in the day, we went to the main cathedral to go on a tour.

The Photos

The shots below are reduced from the output size of the digital camera to 700 pixels wide.

The view from the lab directors house.  Very nice, modern place with a good view.

The city library in Lausanne.

Very cool gargoyle.  This is a griffen actually.  There were many gargoyles on the various buildings.

Not sure why this statue was in front of the store, but Kathleen was amused.

Narrow streets with shops and cobble stone streets.

A modern art gargoyle.

More narrow side streets with shops.  Note how steep the street is.

Lots of foot traffic, parking was nearly non-existent.

A nice building.

A very cool building.

Electric locomotive at the rail station.

One of the churches in town.

Our destination: the cathedral on the hill.

An office building.  Trolley wires were everywhere.

A rather unique dump truck.

Another public building.

Closer to the destination.

Outstanding carvings on the wall.

Impressive stained glass windows.

I think that these are the symbols for the Cantons.

Carvings on the wall of the cathedral.

Elegant stone work.

More excellent quality stained glass windows.

Note the battle shields.

Inside of one of the columns.  Note the stained glass windows.

The outside of the tower.

A different part of the cathedral.

It was a great day in town.  For dinner that night, the crew went for fondue.  Being overloaded on cheese, had the cheval (horse) steak instead.  Mr. Ed was tasty.

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