Day 6: Skiing Again


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The Trip

It was cold, but clearing after the storm.  We were ready to get skiing again, so we headed out.  Storm had left a bunch of snow, the trails were in pretty good shape.  However, the weather was lurking just around the corner.

The Photos

The shots below are reduced from the output size of the digital camera to 700 pixels wide.

From the top of Sunnegga Express.  Not avalanche control fences on opposite side of the canyon.

The Matterhorn from top of Sunnegga Express (Rothorn).  Before the clouds overtook the position.

Note the avalanche control fences.

Skiers crush to one of the few chairlifts on the mountain.  Most lifts are gondolas.

The front is coming; weather is building to the west.

Two layers of clouds overtake the Matterhorn.

The mountain makes its own weather.  Note lift on right of frame.

Zermatt valley.  Not chair lift at bottom center of photo.

Note the crevasses on the Gornergrat Glacier.

It was an acceptable day of skiing.  While I think that for just skiing, the U.S. is better.  But for overall ambiance, Zermatt is way better.   The weather added an edgy tough to the place.  The forecast is for snow.

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