Day 5: Down Day for Snow


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The Trip

Since the weather was bad, we decided to check out the town instead of slugging it out on the slopes with high winds and zero visibility.

The Photos

The shots below are reduced from the output size of the digital camera to 700 pixels wide.

A model 411 Unimog snow blower working for a living. I have one of these, but without the snow blower.

OM-352 diesel pony motor driving the blower.

Blowing snow into the creek.

Entrance to some chalets built into the cliff.

Train tunnel visible in center of frame.

Blowing snow into creek.  Note construction in background.

Transformer station recessed into the cliff.

Sunnegga Express station is in a tunnel.  Train is at a 45 degree angle and goes up the Rothorn.

Chalet on the side of the mountain, with tunnel entrance.

Hotel Perren.  Electric taxis were everywhere.

It was fun walking around town.  Shopping was fun too.  I bought myself the Swiss equivalent of a Timex watch..

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