Day 4: Gornergrat Express at Zermatt


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The Trip

We were fatigued from skiing the previous days, so we opted for a down day.  We took the cog railroad call the Gornergrat Express to the top hotel for lunch and then descended in the train as the weather on top was miserable.  High winds and poor visibility.  Did I mention the bitter cold?.

The Photos

The shots below are reduced from the output size of the digital camera to 700 pixels wide.

From our Hotel, looking west

The train station 5 minutes before departure.

Train station 1 minute before departure.  They arrived with Swiss precision.

On the train.

Upper Zermatt.

The train climbed very fast.

Avalanche control fences and the snow tunnel for the train.

The downhill train emerging from the snow tunnel.

Chalet on the side of the trail: the Hotel Riffelburg.

Bill with train controls is the back.


Cogs in the track are clearly visible.

It was an acceptable day of skiing.  While I think that for just skiing, the U.S. is better.  But for overall ambiance, Zermatt is way better.   The weather added an edgy touch to the situation; the forecast is for heavy snow.

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