Part 8: Frame Adjustments


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The Trip

Our test fitting of the Lance on Thor showed that there were some actions required to proceed.  We had a busy day planned: remove 3 big, awkward tool boxes; remove the tool box mounting frame; remove some frame U-bolts; move a upper frame cross member; and remove some mounting brackets on the frame.  The tanks on Lance will fit between the frame rails.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

As part of this evolution of Thor, all of the current tool box mounting would be removed.  The rear boxes are riding on 2x2" tube that spans the width of the frame.

The front boxes were similarly mounted.

In addition to removing the tool box mounting frames, the upper frame cross member must be moved forward about two feet.

Our plan was to harvest the mounting portion of the headboard and salvage it as the intercooler and hydraulic pump mount.

Due to colliding with a boulder in Baja, one of the mounting points was welded in addition to being bolted.  The welds needed to be removed.

There was more material in those welds than I recalled, but in the end the grinder won.

The boxes were big and awkward and heavy.  The forklift was used to support the boxes as they were dismounted.

The forklift placed the boxes behind a U-500 being repaired.

Except for a few welded-on mounts, Thor is fully naked.

The rear frame U-bolts were loosened and the cross member mounting bolts were removed.  A hydraulic spreader was used to separate the upper frame rails allowing the cross member to be moved forward.  The final resting spot is the 2 bolt holes above the rear overload bumper. 

Cross member in final position.

The rear mounting post for the now-defunct headboard was removed from the front cross member.

Fire-proof covers were put over critical plumbing before the rear pivot mount was cut off with the plasma torch.

The Lance was lifted to allow getting Thor below for a test-fit.

The red areas on the upper frame rail were the mounting holes for the rear cross member.  The member was slid forward to allow the region below the tank to descend between the upper frame rails.  The area underneath the black water tube will be scalloped to provide clearance.

Up front, the freshwater tank bubble will descend between the frame rails.  Alas, clearance for flanks of the tank will likely be the final mounting height determinant.

There were a ton of actions in this episode, but more to follow.  But first, an Easter down-day then on to determination of the final mounting geometry and fabrication of the sub-frame cross member and spring bolt mounts.

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