Part 7: Lance Disassembly


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The Trip

The build-out process continues with the objective for the day being the removal of the headboard rack and disassembly of the Lance trailer to allow mounting.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

Billy starts the day by removing the propane bottles and plumbing.

Next is the removal of the headboard.  The headboard is big and heavy but is very robust.  It carried 8 jerry cans, a Honda EU-3000 generator and a huge 395/85R20 rim and tire.  To remove the rack required unbolting the intercooler and radiator from the rack.

It took several tries to get the lift correctly aligned but the forklift hefted the rack off the truck with ease. 

The intercooler radiator was supported by a ratchet strap while mount modifications were performed.

The old HiLo camper was left hanging on the post lift overnight.  During lunch, a trailer was brought in to cart it off the premises.

The HiLo was supported on a few wooden blocks and secured with a ratchet strap for the short ride to the storage area.

The Lance trailer was backed into the shop and positioned between the booms of the post lift.  The trailer was raised and the axles were removed.

Once the axles were removed we were able to see the "final" profile of the underside of the trailer.

The beams of the tow yoke were cut off.

The yoke was heavy and was supported with the fork lift during the cutting process.

The forklift was used to move the yoke out of the way.

With the yoke removed it was time to disconnect the control wires for the electric stabilizer jacks.

A rather complex propane fitting near the rear axle mount (the gusseted channel below the frame).

Lance was raised and Thor was backed into the shop and maneuvered under the post lift.

Lance was lowered close to the final mounting position for clearance checks.  We found a number of concerns and took the balance of the day to consider the approach to addressing these concerns.

Viewed from the rear, it was clear that a number of changes would be required.

The center mounting post for the headboard would have to be cut off, as a minimum.

The post lift held the Lance about 6 inches above the desired mounting to allow determination of interference issues.

Once we understood the issues in front of us, Thor was moved forward to allow further actions.

We made excellent progress today but were a bit saddened to discover that each tool box mount would need modification.  These mounts had held up well in the previous 10 years but we had hit each of them on rocks and other obstacles during our off road travels.  One of the frame cross members would need to be relocated and one of the huge U-bolts that hold the frame together would need to be removed.

Tomorrow, we will remove the tool boxes and migrate the rear frame cross member.

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