Part 28: Jamesburg, VA to Nocotee, FL


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The Trip

We spent a night with Kathleen's life-long buddy Debbie and then headed toward Warrenton, VA to see our friends John and Alice at their farm.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

Our first stop on the route was Chambersburg, PA to visit one of Kathleen's work buddies.  They have a very nice place and we were able to park right in front of the house on the street.

Tammy and Kathleen.

The path back to the freeway presented us with a low underpass and the need to take our half out of the middle.  We cleared the obstacle, but with only 6" to spare.  We traveled south to Warrenton, VA to visit our friends John and Alice.

John and Alice have a llama farm.  Above, John uses his loader for duty in the llama pens.

The male llamas were quite big.

The llamas were skittish around me so they bolted when I approached.

We left Warrenton and headed south toward North Carolina.  In Charlottesville, VA we encountered one of many accidents that we saw on our trip.

We spent the night in a Virginia state park.  The fall colors were starting to come into full view.

Holiday Lake State Park did, in fact, have a lake.  The still air created a mirror-like surface on the lake.

The lake had a playground and an (imported) sand beach.  We rolled south to Chapel Hill, NC to visit our friends Scott and Heather.

We spent a relatively sane Halloween in Chapel Hill and then headed south along the I-95 corridor.  Little bits of Americana, like the sombrero tower, prevail in the face of change.

We had a long travel day and ended up in a Forest Service recreation area for the night.  We came in late and did not get a full view of the surroundings.  Next morning, I woke to the sight of a large fire lookout tower right next to our parking spot.

Our camping spot was not an approved site, but it was late and we were tired so we parked and went to sleep.  The morning's light revealed our proximity to the tower.

Next morning we headed south toward Charleston, SC.  This is the main bridge into town from the north.

The suspension wires were clearly visible as we crossed the bridge.

From the top of the bridge we could see a portion of the Charleston waterfront.  We continued southward toward the Georgia border.

Coming soon to a freeway near you.  Jed prepares to move a wrecked trailer.  The mounting was scary and I hoped that this fellow was heading in the opposite direction from us.

The whole setup was sketchy, at best.  Minimal tie-downs were used and the rear of the box was "mounted" on 2 derelict tires.

That chain is not a tie-down for the box, it was used to secure the ramp.  The box was tied down with 1" ratchet straps.  Very unsafe.

Traveling south of I-95 we were passed by a set of Lamborghinis associated with the Gia Lai group.

These cars were really nice.

The Lamborghinis came in multiple model years, styles and colors.

Kathleen loves Lamborghinis.

This is an Audi R-8.

A particularly clean model.

Two stragglers.

I believe this is a phosphate plant.

We took the bypass around Jacksonville which had us cross this large bridge.

Further down the bypass we encountered a large construction zone.  Above, the crew drills a hole for a foundation.

The construction caused chaos on the freeway with miles of slow-and-go traffic in both directions.

The only person who was enjoying the traffic was this gal's dog.  We arrived at Faith and John's place in Nocotee, FL to spend the night.

We traveled many days in this portion of the trip.  Many thanks to those that hosted us.  And particular thanks to Scott and Heather for addressing my birthday needs.

Next, a couple of down days before our mega-drive back to La Junta to complete repair actions.

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