Part 27: Melville, NY to Jamesburg, NJ


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The Trip

We left Melville and traveled the LIE to Queens, then Brooklyn and into New Jersey.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

From the elevated viaduct of the highway we got our first good view of the Manhattan skyline with the Queens cemetery in the foreground for good measure.  Plenty of new buildings on the skyline since we lived here.

A bit further down the road we got a more complete view of the Manhattan skyline.  Freedom Tower is the highpoint on the skyline.

Closer to the city we came upon the old highway that was being demolished.  I am guessing that explosives were used to carve it into chunks.  We saw a legion of huge concrete busting track-hoes on the ground making plenty of noise as they broke up the cement road bed.

The old highway was built using plate and rivet technology.

Closer still to NYC we got a view of the Empire State Building.  The Chrysler Building is also visible at the far right of the photo above.

This tenement building was right next to the viaduct.  The fellow in the bottom row has an expanding metal gate blocking access from the fire escape.

A bit further south we got a view of the downtown skyline.  Note the tall ship docked at South Street Seaport.

Many buildings have water towers on the roof to provide fire suppression water.  This tank got the art deco treatment producing an interesting contrast to the drab building in the background.

We took the Narrows bridge from Brooklyn to Staten Island.  This is a very big bridge.

From the bridge approach we got a nice view of the downtown skyline as well as the Weehawken, NJ skyline.  Staten Island is in the foreground.

From the bridge we got a brief glimpse of the old fort that guarded the approach to NY on the Hudson River.

The Goethels Bridge from Staten Island to New Jersey was being rebuilt.  Rather than the plate and rivet approach, this bridge was built with concrete and steel.  Note the rebar being hoisted with the crane.

The old bridge is visible to the right of the crane.

The green mesh is rebar being laid prior to being covered with concrete.  I am guessing the green color is some sort of rust protection for the steel.  In the distance, container cranes at the port are visible.

The main towers of the new bridge and the suspension cables.

A modern hydraulic crane was an interesting contrast to the plate and rivets of the old structure.

Manhattan is a very unique place.  The amount of infrastructure is mind-boggling and more is being added each day as the old structures are being replaced by new ones.

We continued south on the NJ Turnpike to Jamesburg.

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