Part 2: San Luis Reservoir to Albion River Inn


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The Trip

We were quite lucky with regard to traffic during this portion of our trip.  In this case, "luck" was defined as pre-planning a route that would not take us into the metro-Bay Area and generally skirted the heavily populated areas.  Our planning paid off and any traffic we saw was in the opposing lane.  We arrived at Petaluma, our destination for the day, with plenty of daylight to spare.  Our objective was to stay with "mog friends" Kevin and Kirsten at their ranch on the outskirts of Petaluma.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

Once we got into the metro Bay Area we saw awesome infrastructure projects.  There were many bridges of a variety of types.  This bridge was as steep as it looked.  The height was necessary to provide clearance for ships traveling up the Sacramento River.  This is a toll bridge and it was $5 to cross in one direction.

From the height of the bridge we could see the flood plains of the river below.  The flood plains provided rich farm lands, but the periodic flooding made living in the area problematic.

On the north side of the bay we passed this installation of satellite dishes which likely belongs to the local cable company.

More bridges and more tidal sloughs.

We finally arrived at our destination in Petaluma where I realized (again) that "he who dies with the most toys, wins".  Kevin has me beat hands-down with several unimogs, a huge ex-mil dump truck as well as more conventional farm equipment.

Kevin's 10,000 pound Pettibone rough terrain fork lift.

There is another 1300L Unimog hiding under that tarp in addition to the ranch truck at the left of the photo above.

The farm is focused on horses and they have extensive boarding and training facilities as well as a huge covered arena.  That is US101 in the background.

Kirsten was hosting "horse friends" while we were there so we parked in the barn area.  It was a quiet and comfortable night.

The horses just completed competition and were tired.

Next morning, we headed toward Bodega Bay and passed this odd contraption.  WTF?

North of Bodega Bay on SR-1 we started getting views of the rocky coastline.

The weather was not cooperating and the cloudy/overcast light made taking colorful photos problematic.

Some of the rocky coves were quite scenic.

We passed this unique dwelling next to the highway.

At the Russian River we saw kayakers on the river.  Conditions were calm and windless.

There were plenty of pullouts that provided striking views of the coastal outcroppings.

The road was narrow with many tight turns.

Some of the inlets had gravel beaches.

The heavy winter rains resulted in lots of slumps and landslides causing delays due to road repairs.

The forest density got higher the further north we traveled.

Note the cave/arch in the process of being formed.

We finally arrived at the Albion River Inn and got one of the last rooms available.  Our room had a great view of the Albion River Bridge which is one of the highest all-wooden bridges in North America.

A stitched panorama from the deck outside our room at the Albion River Inn.

Traffic is a fact of life in the bay area.  We were lucky to plan around the worst of it to make our travel much less stressful.

Many thanks to Kevin and Kirsten for hosting us despite being over-subscribed on visitors.  The trip from Petaluma to Albion was easy but slow due to the steep grades and tight turns.

Tomorrow we will attempt to check out the Skunk Train and then travel north to Eureka for another beach camp.

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