Part 18: Herrin, IL


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The Trip

We stayed with our "mog buddies" Mark and Gail at their farm in Herrin, IL.  Mark and Gail have tons of great farm toys and hunt their hounds.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

There is a large lake near Carbondale.  The highway passes over the lake.

Mark and Gail's farm has a large pond just behind the house.  The area is above a large underground coal mine.

The "farm house" is beautiful.

Mark recently got a nice U1400 for use on the farm.

The mog has a nice front winch and implement mount.

Every good farm has to have several tractors.  This tractor has the mower deck attached.

Mark and Gail have a large kennel for their hunting hounds.

These hounds are quite big, perhaps 75 lbs each.

There were a number of structures on the farm when they bought it.  This barn is used for the horses.

We were treated to a tour of the local wineries.  We came upon a overlook that allowed a view of the local hills.  The cross on the hill is on the highest point in southern Illinois.

The hill country continues south into Kentucky.

The overlook was on an overhang in the local limestone formation.

Mark was born in the area and knows all the interesting sights.  He brought us to an unmarked, abandoned cemetery from the 1800s.

This fellow's wife died at 25, which must have been tough.

An interesting feature of tombstones of the era was showing the age as opposed listing the birth date.

Weathering was more pronounced with limestone monuments.

After the cemetery we went to the Blue Sky winery.

The winery had a nice patio.

The architecture emulated a European villa.

The central building had a nice custom stained glass panel.

The actual grape fields came right up to the central building.

Not surprisingly, the winery hosts weddings.  Unlike California, chairs have to be turned over to prevent pooling of rain.

We really enjoyed the winery trip.  Many thanks to Mark and Gail for treating us to the tour.

Tomorrow, we witness a training hunt with the hound and horses.

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