Part 11: Jackson Hole, WY to Cody, WY


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The Trip

We left Jackson Hole and traveled north through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone Park to get to our buddy's place in Cody, WY.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

As we traveled north from Jackson we got our first views of the Tetons.  The weather could have been better, but it did not rain all that much; just enough to clean our windshield.

We got a nice view of the Teton Village ski area north of Jackson.

The weather started to break a bit providing better views of the Tetons.

Note the massive canyon in the face of the Teton range.

The upper peaks still had snow fields left over from the winter storms.

Grand Teton is the largest peak in the range.

A multi-shot panorama shows a nice view of the Tetons.

Once in Yellowstone park we encountered massive amounts of traffic.  The traffic issues were compounded by road construction that reduced the traffic to one lane.

Further north into the park we encountered a Ford Model A in the oncoming traffic.

From a pull-out we got a nice view of Yellowstone Lake.

Closer to the eastern entrance we encountered bison on the roadway.  The bull knew the traffic was there but did not care.  He waited until Thor got right up to his face before he moved.

The bull just sauntered across the road stopping traffic in both directions.

Since our last visit to the area, Yellowstone has suffered many large fires resulting in huge swaths of burned areas.


From the top of the pass we could see the peaks of the Absaroka Range.  The formation is called "Sleeping Giant"

We spotted an arch in one of the cliffs.

From the highway we could see hoodos on the tops of the cliffs.

Near Buffalo Bill State Park we could see the bedding in the cliffs.

The cliffs above the highway were steep and daunting.  We did a re-supply in Cody and then headed south on the South Fork of the Shoshone River to our buddy's ranch.

From Bob's "Lost Ranch" we could clearly see Castle Rock.  Castle Rock is a volcanic plug that has eroded to expose the core.

To the south of Lost Ranch were the cliffs of Carter Mountain.  The top of the ridge is 12,000 feet.

The South Fork Valley is beautiful.  Bob and Sandy have awesome views in every direction.

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