Part 26: Maintenance Actions in La Junta


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The Trip

We visited Rob Pickering and his wife Erin in La Junta.  Rob sold me Thor and assisted in the early frame fabrication and build-out.  He has a complete shop and all the tools and skills required to assist me in doing a periodic maintenance and inspection on Thor.  We pulled into his shop and things had greatly changed since our last visit.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

I was not paying close attention and already lowered the cab before I took this photo.  Our maintenance actions could be done without raising the cab, but I needed Rob to inspect the available space between the cab and the engine in preparation for installation of an air conditioning unit on the roof.  The compressor has to be driven by the engine, but the balance of the components can sit on the roof.

This maintenance consisted of replacing the transmission fluid with special 50 wt gear oil, chassis lubrication, drain and fill on the brake fluid and replacing a balking priming pump on the fuel system.  The device above is a fluid sucker and reservoir/accumulator for old fluids.

Rob's power bleeder made the brakes easy and not TOO messy.

Rob has found a market niche by refurbishing Hagglunds which are an tracked amphibious vehicle.  These are used for oil exploration and for transport of personnel over snowy conditions.

This one is ex-military and is being fully reconditioned.

Wheels for the track system that were removed as part of the reconditioning.

These drive shafts go from the differential to the track drive mechanism.

These are swing arms that are part of the track assembly.

These are tracks for the Hagglund.

The track carrier frame for the Hagglund.

A drive gear for the track with drive shaft attached.

Rob has totally reorganized his shop since our last visit and has found homes for each of his pieces of large equipment.

Rob got this large lathe since our last visit.

Rob now has a large inventory of nice mogs.

This mog has a Red Dot a/c unit like the one that we plan to put on Thor.

A very nice 1550L DOKA.

Rob has several Schmidt snow plows and a number of the trucks have mounts for these plows.

Another plow-equipped mog.

There were several fully-functional Hagglund units at the facility.

This is a late-model DOKA that has a hillbilly camper.  Basically this was a poor execution of a good idea.

This 2450L needs a nice home.  Rob's contact information is on the sign in the background.  The city is La Junta, CO.

We got all of our maintenance actions completed as well as some "extra" things.  We also formulated a reasonable plan for installation of the a/c and fabrication of the camper.

It was great seeing Rob and his family again.  From La Junta, we headed southwest toward Trinidad and the mountains beyond.


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