Part 3: At Sea and St. Maartin


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The Trip

The evening meal was a group dinner in the main dining hall.  The following day, we put into the harbor at St. Maartin and then went ashore.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

Jessica and Kathleen mug for the camera at dinner.

Jessica and her father Eddie.

Bobby got a little too much sun during the day.

Since my birthday and Kathleen's sister Dee are at about the same time, Kathleen arranged to have a birthday cake delivered to the table.

Marguerite and Kevin laugh at an odd joke.

The next morning we were due to pull into the harbor at St. Maartin.  I got up just before sunrise and spotted another cruise ship as it passed by one of the neighboring islands.

I headed up to the upper deck to get a better view outside and noticed this statue.  A wise marketing guy once said to me "you gotta understand your target demographics".  Enough said.

From the upper deck one of the other ships was heading into the sunrise.

Also on our starboard side was a tanker anchored awaiting its turn at the docks.

We got our first view of Phillipsburg, the capital of the island.

At an adjacent quay was the Oasis of the Seas one of the biggest ships I have ever seen.

The aft end of the ship has a huge atrium.

We got off the ship and headed into town and passed these cool wind-powered motion sculptures.

Across the harbor were some nice, upscale beach properties.

Along the boardwalk we saw a number of Segway tours.

Kathleen shows her famous form.

Interesting name for a bar.

The main street was nicely paved and totally awash in vendors selling stuff.

There were plenty of jewelry stores and gift shops.  Note the McDonald's sign on the right.

One of the historic buildings in the downtown area.

The Oranje School.

The irony of this sign was not lost on us: A sign in Spanish, advertising imported Dutch cheese, on a French island selling to American tourists.

Getting off the ship after 4 days was a welcome break in an otherwise (for me) boring routine.  Plus, it was nice to be on terra firma again; my stomach appreciated that very much. 
We stopped at a beach restaurant for some lunch and were rewarded with a meal that was much, much tastier than the shipboard cuisine.  After lunch, we resumed our tour of the island and those photos are available via the link labeled "next adventure" below.

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