Part 2: At Sea on the Celebrity Summit


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The Trip

The first 4 days of the cruise were spent at sea and took us well away from the East Coast of the U.S.  Frankly, traveling at sea is somewhat boring and one has to seek out diversions from the normal.  Watching the ocean flow by is good for a half an hour but past that walking around or going to the gym or pool is where it is at.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

Our room had a private terrace and the view was from deck 6 (of 12).

We decided to do a tour of the kitchen and the tour started with a briefing in the main dining room.

Food was a popular topic with some of the passengers.

Preparing food for thousands of folks is a daunting task.  Both the equipment and the staff have to be up to the challenge.

There were legions of folks working in the kitchen.

All bread is baked fresh daily on board the ship.

Each of the cooking stations were manned by 4-6 folks working assembly line fashion.

In preparation for the large brunch on Tuesday, one of the chefs was tasked with doing food sculptures.  This face had plenty of detail as well as exploiting the shades from the layers of the watermelon.

These sculptures were very creative.

Despite the size of the ship, real estate for the kitchen is in short supply.  The kitchen is one deck below the main dining area.  To aid the staff in delivering the large quantity (and mass) of food during meals, the ship has escalators for the staff.

All the pastries served during meals are prepared on the ship.

The dish washing machines are huge and operate on conveyor belts to process the huge volumes of china, silverware and kitchen utensils created during each meal service.

Waste and garbage control is a major deal.  As you might expect, producing large volumes of food also generates large volumes of waste.

"Edible" waste is ground up and discharged overboard for the fish.

An example of place settings at one of the high-end restaurants.

The kitchen tour concluded with examples of the actual dishes prepared.

When the kitchen tour was complete, we headed for the gym and later the pool.  The day was capped off with a nice sunset.

The following day we encountered some small rain squalls.

Seeing an industrial-scale food preparation operation was very interesting.  More than 1/2 of the crew was involved in food service.

Tomorrow, we veg-out (again).

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