Part 2: Tahoe-Reno MogFest Day 2


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The Trip

Rod decided that we would attempt the upper portion of the Rubicon Trail.  He had pre-run the trail the previous week and was aware of the snow levels.  But, the high temperatures would melt the snow fast, so we decided to attempt a run to Miller Lake.  The snow was melting, but not fast enough.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

The path to the trail head took us past the south shore of beautiful Lake Tahoe.

We arrived at the staging area at the trail head and it was time to air down.  Above is Ron's 416 with Alaskan Camper.

Kevin's 1300L with new brush bar and XM-47 rubber.

Because the Rubicon Trail is heavily used, there is a oil spill collection facility at the trail head.

Rick's 416.  This truck had some mechanical issues, so Rick put a ton of time into getting it fully functional.  It performed great.

Dale and Shannon's Swiss 404.

Steve's 404.  Steve's diff-lock failed the previous day so he had some difficulty with the obstacles.

Chas' 1250 DOKA.

The Rubicon Trail is a favorite among hard-core 'wheelers.  When on the trail, you are sure to see some high-end rigs.  This fellow's Jeep had a Corvette motor as well as all the trimmings.

After we aired down, we hit dirt.

Since the trail is popular, you are sure to encounter other wheelers.  Above, there were some standard SUVs having second thoughts about doing the trail.

As we encountered the first banks of snow, the scope of the issue confronting us became apparent.

Rod, trail leader, took point on breaking trail.

Rod took many passes to actual get over the first snow bank.

Rick had no problems with the snow bank due to correct air pressure.

Rod attacks the second big snow bank.

At 25 psi, Kevin had too much air pressure.

Despite the large footprint of the XM-47s, Kevin still got stuck due to the high air pressure.

Chas assists Kevin by removing some snow behind  the wheels.

Kevin decided to use the winch because the snow prevented lowering the air pressure in-situ.

Dale attacks the snow bank, but in the end he got stuck too.

The group assists Dale.

Once Kevin got his air pressure down to 15 psi, he had no issues with the snow banks.

Dale was fully stuck, so we set up for a tow.

Kevin's 1300 pulled Dale's 404 with ease.

Ron had correct air pressure and had no problems with the bank.

Ron uses his rig and his camper has taken some good hits from the brush.

Kevin's new, roof nerf bar took some big hits from the brush.

Rick had correct air pressure and walked right up the face of the snow bank.

Once past the big banks, we continued up the trail.  In the end, we hit a bank that was not passable, so we stopped for lunch and turned around.  No problems were encountered on the way out.

The mogs are a hillbilly magnet.  Above, one of the trail urchins inspects the back of Kevin's 1300 as Kevin is airing up.

As the Pirates of the Rubicon say, "the trail makes the truck".

The group in the pickup had a dog that loved to jump for sticks.  The dog was an excellent jumper.

Another fine trail ride.

The return path gave us great views of Lake Tahoe.

Cascade Falls is visible above in the center of the photo.

Attacking the trail was hard work.  In the end, the snow won.  But, we still had fun.  The Tahoe area is very, very scenic and the weather was perfect.

Many thanks to Rod and Chas for organizing this event.

Next, we work our way south toward Tucson.

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