Day 6: Camp Asado to Camp Lamb Stew

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The Trip

The objective of the day was to continue working our way north through the dunes toward our exit point. We wanted to be staged for an early morning exit from the dunes to support our journey west tot Guadalupe Canyon and then our return to San Diego. The photos below are what we saw.

There was a reasonable sunrise this morning.

In the Altar, the sand tells the story. Above are wind blown ripples in the sand, scarcely marred by any disturbance.

This patch of sand show tracks of several kinds of critters. Note the set going left to right appear to be left by something with pads and claws. The bottom to top track shows tail-drag marks as well as scrapes from claws.

This set of marks is due to something burrowing under the surface of the sand. The entrance point is visible as the hole near the center of the photo. Whatever left these tracks, it looked a bit lost.

This set of tracks shows drag marks from a heavy tail. Tomorrow, we will see first hand what leaves this kind of track.

After we broke camp, we headed north through the dunes.

As we went further north, the dunes got much bigger.

Mark gets sideways on a hill.

The wind was starting to increase resulting in lots of blowing sand. Passing next to a dune crest resulted in a sand shower.

The approach to this high pass was quite steep and loose.

On the high pass, the team looks to the west. Note the blowing sand.

This jeep was abandoned and stripped, not necessarily in that order. Order notwithstanding, there was little of value left of this vehicle. Since it was not in a difficult section of trail, we assumed that the vehicle had some sort of mechanical issue and was left while the owner went to get parts. I am sure that he got a surprise when he returned.

It was Richard's turn to cook and he prepared a traditional Irish lamb stew with potatoes and carrots. The stew was served with hot mustard, Cadbury chocolate and Bushmill's whiskey. A tasty meal.

In the morning, we would pack early, head to Guadalupe Canyon and the hot springs.


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