Day 5: Camp Mariscos to Camp Asado

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The Trip

The objective of the day was to get from the beach camp to El Golfo for supplies and then head north back through the high dunes. The photos below are what we saw.

Scattered clouds on the eastern horizon provided a nice sunrise photo. Note the island on the left end of the photo.

A pod of dolphins came by our camp and they were easily visible from our position on the dunes. In the photo above, it looks as if the dolphin has something in it's mouth, but I cannot tell what it is.

Soon after sunrise, the colors got more intense.

Outside temperature was about 50 degrees and Richard just had to go for a swim. Brrrr!

Local fishermen in their panga looking for bait fish.

After eating breakfast, we broke camp and headed back down the beach toward El Golfo.

Dan's 1550 makes good time on the beach. Since the road to El Golfo was completed, we decided shave some travel time off our schedule and head north from the beach to the highway, then west to El Golfo.

Near the entrance to the highway where we aired-up, I spotted these pencil cholla.

The new road is wide and smooth. Unlike many roads in Mexico, this one has a shoulder. As nice as the road is, sadly it will change the face of the region forever.

From the highway, we had a nice view of the water and the Sierra Juarez beyond.

After finishing our fueling, we headed back into the dunes on our path north. We all had to air down to prevent getting stuck.

Back in the dunes again.

The team works its way around the obstacles.

Sean actually shaved!! What's up with that?

Russ and Mark make pollo asado and carne asada. Many things happen on our Altar trips, but starvation is not one of them. There is always tons of food and it is tasty.

The waning sunlight illuminated a vapor trail from a passing jet.

As the sun continued to set, we got another respectable sunset. Nice colors, but not much structure.

After we set up camp and Nancy steamed the left over clams from the previous night, I set up my "super-shower" that I made from 50 feet of copper tube wound in a double helix and a 75k BTU camp stove.

A nearly full moon provided plenty of light for the camp.

We had a great dinner after an uneventful trip across the southern dunes. Mark and Russ cooked some great asado and we had a nice camp fire illuminated by the nearly-full moon.


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