Day 8: Guadalupe Canyon to the U.S.


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The Trip

The objective of the day was to get from Guadalupe Canyon through the border at Tecate and then get back to San Diego.  This had been somewhat of an arduous trip and the weather could have been a bit kinder, but all things considered, it had gone well,  even in the face of some significant obstacles.  The team is great and we all had fun.

Early morning light illuminates Pico Guadalupe.

Best way to start the day is in the warm mineral waters.

Another view of Pico Guadalupe in stronger light and harsher shadows.

Half a pig for breakfast. And Oreos for later. Yes, we ate it all.

Morning view of the valley below our hot tub.

Pico Guadalupe.

The vehicles. From the left: U1300L, U1300L, U900, U1450, U1550L. Pico Guadalupe in the background.

The drivers and the vehicles. From the left: Bill, Mark, Kai, Roberto and Dan.

While the winds were much lighter on our trip out, the trucks still disappeared into the dust.

North of Guadalupe Canyon, the mountains turned into huge cliffs.

The finest of border town accommodations. Note the supports for this trailer are somewhat sketchy.

Bill, Kathleen and Larry at the end of the journey. Note the size of the truck relative to the humans.

The trip out was uneventful.  Long, but uneventful.  Kai had some fuel problems but they were easily resolved. We elected to cross at Tecate rather than Otay Mesa. This was a good choice as the crossing was quite reasonable (30 minutes). This trip, overall, was perhaps the best trip yet. The side excursion to Guadalupe was just the ticket after getting hammered with strong, cold winds in the dunes. The hot mineral springs were a great contrast to the stark beauty of the dunes.

We had great fun and we are already planning our next expedition. Stay tuned.


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