Day 7: Dune Camp 2 to Guadalupe Canyon


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The Trip

The objective of the day was to get from our camp in the dunes to Guadalupe Canyon with it's lush palm trees and mineral hot springs. We exited the dunes near Cesar's and headed west on Mexican Hwy 2 to the toll road. We elected to use the toll road as it is much wider and bypasses the entire city of Mexicali. From there, we headed west to Laguna Salada (salty lake) and then headed south about 30 miles to the turn into Guadalupe Canyon.

Steel pigs next to the toll booth on the road around Mexicali. The wind was still blowing strong and blew the big pig over while we watched. 2 other pigs blew over while we were waiting to pay.

The trucks disappear into the shimmering haze and blowing dust of Laguna Salada.

This view is something akin to what I would expect in the Sahara.

Intercepted by the Mexican Army on drug patrol.

One of the troops checks Roberto's cargo. Yes, those are real automatic weapons.

The wind and blowing dust nearly obscures the vehicle in front of me while on Laguna Salada.

Big billowing clouds of lake-bed dust raised in the high winds.

View from the top of the canyon. Note the dust and haze in the distance. The canyon was more sheltered, but still suffered eddy winds when the gust were large.

Our very trick hot tub. Nicely done with a very smooth bottom and an infinite supply of hot water.

Looking down the canyon to Laguna Salada. Note the palm trees in the foreground.

Palms and palapas at Guadalupe Canyon.

Kathleen with fresh beer and new bikini.

Roberto enjoying the water and good company, not to mention the view of Kathleen.

Oh yeah, this is what I am talking about. Roberto call this "Caldo de mogger" (Mogger soup). Hey, the water was a bit gray when we got out.

Pruney hands from soaking in the hot mineral spring water. It took many beers to get to this state.

Kathleen tells Ron a joke.

The group decided to change hot tubs for one that is warmer. Once out of the water, the wind is COLD, so folks hustled to get from point A to point B.

Roberto and Xavier reheat more leftovers. We had tacos and munchies for dinner.

Dan and Kathleen clean and ready for sundown.

Larry before he meets wife's demand for elimination of facial hair.

Kai chops fire wood.

King of the hill with a Captain's and Coke.

The winds were calm during the night, so most of us slept well. We were clean, fed and liquored up, so what could be better? The next morning, we would pack and return to San Diego.


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