Day 5: Golden Spike Trail


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The Trip

The Golden Spike trail is tough.  It is rated as a four plus trail and there are plenty of obstacles to get your attention.  It is within easy access of Moab from Potash road.  But, due to that fact, there are always unqualifiend folks on the trail.  Indeed on one trip, there was a roll with injuries requiring a helicopter evacuation.  Gladly, this time with our group, there were no "events".

The Photos

The shots below are reduced from the output size of the digital camera to 700 pixels wide.

A meeting of mogs at the start.

My minimog.  1957 Unimog model 411.

Steep chute near the start of the trail.

Kai's 416 going up a steep section.

Dan Johnson's 404 double cab (doka) .

Kelvin Kerkowski ascends a steep ledge in the minimog on loan for the day.

We saw this fellow the previous year.  Custom 6x6 jeep, presumably pretty capable.

A group of jeepers that are ahead of us on the trail.

Bob Ragain's 404 on a steep section.

A natural cave visible from the trail.

My 1300L near the top.

Kai attacks the Golden Crack.

John Wessels in a 404 on the Golden Crack.  Note the frame flex and the rear tire in the air.

Kent's 404 on the Golden Crack.  This looks way scary.

A view of the Colorado River.

Traffic jam at the Golden Stairs.

Golden Stairs.

The 'spike is fun.  There were a ton of folks there when we were there, but if you go at Easter Jeep Safari, what did you expect?.

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