Day 2: Moab Rim Trail


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The Trip

The Moab Rim Trail is one of the most challenging trails in the area.  It has some difficult obstacles and the ever-present psychological fry that you are heading up the side of  a cliff.  Some folks have rolled and if you are unlucky enough to roll near the start of the trail, you go the distance.  Rolls further up, while probably not fatal, will be expensive.  As you will see in the photos below, you ascend a slab with a away-from-the-cliff cant on the trail.

The Photos

The shots below are reduced from the output size of the digital camera to 700 pixels wide.

Start of the Moab Rim Trail, looking west.  Note the other vehicles in the distance as well as the paved road.

An arch across the canyon from the trail.

Rob Pickering airing down for the trail.

Ron DePugh heads for the first obstacle, Devil's Crack.

A grim-faced Bill after the Devil's Crack obstacle.

A traffic jam on the Moab Rim Trail.

A Pinzsgauer 712.  He was getting impatient that there were folks ahead of him and he had to wait.

Pinzsgauer 712.

"Mogley" suffers a fuel problem and has to be towed by my 1300.

Kai piloting my minimog with Mark Belcher in the background.  The short wheelbase makes the down grades so exciting and special.

Canyon walls near the top of the rim.

Lunch stop on the crest of the rim.

Towers on the top of the Moab Rim Trail.

Petroglyphs.  This is a sheep.

More petroglyphs.  Note the figures fighting.

A sheep herder with wolves.

A double-headed alien.

The Moab Rim Trail Team.

Odd erosion patterns in the canyon walls.

What does this say to you?

Minimog on a down ledge.

Minimog negotiates the Z-Crack.

1300 on the Devil's Crack downhill.

The Moab Rim is an E-ticket ride.  Even with a capable vehicle like the mogs, it still requires careful attention to insure that there are no mistakes.  On this trail, mistakes will be very expensive, possibly costing your life.  We completed the trail with lots of daylight to spare, so we headed back to camp for cocktails and stories..

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