Day 1: Hell's Revenge


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The Trip

Hell's Revenge is one of my favorite trails.  It is difficult enough to get your attention, but, in general, there are bypasses for the most difficult obstacles.  Plus, the view is awesome.

The Photos

The shots below are reduced from the output size of the digital camera to 700 pixels wide.

On the way to Moab, we made a pit stop on the side of the road.

Some of the beside-the-road scenery.

Kai was having some mechanical issues, he stopped for a check.  Note the minimog on the trailer.

The infamous Lion's Back as seen from Hell's Revenge trail.  We will see this up close later in the day.  This is at the start of Hell's Revenge.  The weather was not all that nice in the morning, but it cleared up later.

The trail team is preparing to air down before starting the trail.

One of the E Ticket rides early in the trail.  Yes, it is as steep as it seems.

The balance of the team assault the face.

Bob Newsome's "Mogley" handles an obstacle.

Kai spots Dan Johnson.  This is a big obstacle.

View of the Colorado River from the Hell's Revenge overlook.

One of the tougher obstacles: the Gates of Hell.  Here a jeeper ascends the chute.  The vultures are watching.

One of the jeepers gets in deep.

This fellow takes the wrong line.  He is up against the wall, literally.

Another fellow up against the wall.

Kai's 416 doka takes the wedgie with ease.

Descending from the overlook.  Yes, it is steep.

John Wessels comes up the wedgie.  Kai is spotting.

Dan comes up with Kai spotting.

Looking west from the crest.

Mogley takes a narrow saddle.

Kathleen with the 1300.

This downgrade was one of the steepest on the whole trail.

A gnarly obstacle near the end of the trail.

Some of the team go up Lion's Back on the way out.

Coming down is worse than going up, by far.

Looking down Lion's Back.  Note the people at the bottom of the hill.

Oh yeah, this rocks.  One of the many sphincter-tightening trails at Moab.

It was an awesome day of wheeling.  The weather, while somewhat cold in the morning, was more than acceptable in the afternoon.  We finished the trail and headed back to camp for cocktails and stories.

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