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Leica M8 Rangefinder Digital Camera Body Only

In the minds of many camera aficionados Leica has made the best cameras for over 50 years.  German engineering and quality craftsmanship combined with premium materials produce a photographic work of art.  The Leica M8 combines proven rangefinder technology with advanced digital imaging to result in an an intuitive camera that captures great photos and uses all the historical Leica M lenses.

This camera is German engineered to be rugged and will provide many years of service.  Comes in factory box with 2 batteries: one new battery and the original battery (which is still serviceable).  This camera has been lightly used and has approximately 5000 frames through it. Scroll down for more photos of the camera and photos taken by this camera.

This camera is the perfect "city camera" that allows discreet photos.  The Leica excels at capturing subtle colors under difficult conditions and the manual focus allows setting the camera to "hyperfocal" configuration allowing no-focus operation and capturing photos unavailable by other methods.  When combined with the uber-quality Leica lenses, the resulting photos are nearly ethereal as shown by the images below.


Contact: Bill Caid,, 619-994-0458

There is one cosmetic blemish on upper bezel, right side from normal use. This blemish is aesthetic only and does not impact operation.

There is one cosmetic blemish on LCD from normal use.  This blemish is aesthetic only and does not impact operation.

The photos below were taken with the Leica M8 and various lenses.  These photos have been constrained to be displayed at 1000 pixels on the long axis.

Seattle sunset, Leica M8.

Multinomah Falls, Leica M8

World Trade Center crater in Manhattan.  Multi-second exposure.

Pike Market, Seattle

Seattle sunset

Shot out the top of a speeding convertible car from bridge near Seattle.  Hyperfocal setting.

High clarity photo produced from challenging lighting conditions.
Note extreme depth of field.

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