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Epson RD-1 Rangefinder Digital Camera Body

The Epson RD-1 was the world's first digital rangefinder camera.  The RD-1 combines proven rangefinder technology with digital imaging to result in an an intuitive camera that captures great photos and uses all the historical M-bayonet lenses.

This camera embodies the best of Japanese camera manufacturing and uses the German Voightlander "Bessa" as it's design model. Sturdy design, rugged and will provide many years of service.  Comes in factory box with 2 batteries: one factor battery and a spare battery.  This camera has been very lightly used and has approximately 1000 frames through it. Scroll down for more photos of the camera and photos taken by this camera.

This camera is the perfect "city camera" that allows discreet photos.  See politically incorrect example below.


Contact: Bill Caid,, 619-994-0458

The photos below were taken with the Epson RD-1 and Zeiss Biogon T* ZM 28mm lens.  These photos have been constrained to be displayed at 1000 pixels on the long axis.  Actual photos are approx 3000x2000 pixels (6mp).  To see the full sized photo, do a "view image" and then zoom in or do a "save as" and then use your favorite image tool on the resulting file.

Battery Park, NYC.  Good color rendition despite overcast lighting.

Sidewalk art close to Battery Park, NYC.  Note resolution of reflections in statue.

World Trade Center crater in Manhattan. Note reflected image.

An example of a discreet photo in a public forum.

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