Part 4: Entertainment System and Shelving


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We were "ramping down" from our build-out activities and needed to conclude some small actions to complete the interior of the trailer.  When internal cleanup was completed, we re-assembled the bed and fabricated shelving for the closets.

The photos below are what we saw.

Having the internal area of the trailer torn apart was hindering our progress so we re-installed the refrigerator and microwave back into their homes in preparation for closure of the bed and installation of the entertainment system.

The sub-bed storage area was cleaned up and the folding cover to the bed was re-installed.  Above, the completed inverter and AC subpanel installation is shown.  The #4AWG wire that is currently connected to the floor power posts will be reconnected to the red and black bus bars once the battery box is installed and populated.

Only a few components were needed for the entertainment system: Mac Mini, Apple TV, hard drive and some connecting cables.  That said, mounting items and dressing cables turned out to be challenging.  Components were placed on the fabricated shelf and zip tie connections were installed.  Cables were routed to use up their excessive lengths and then all components were secured to the shelf with zip ties.  When completed, the shelf supports were screwed to the cabinet walls.  The WiFi router was mounted on the right wall.

The final arrangement was "light and tight" as the backpackers would say, but the footprint was essentially the full shelf precluding storage of other items in this cubby.

We replaced the stock 12V display panel with the 42" HDTV display from Thor.  This 42" panel fit nicely on the existing screen mount.

We had tools and supplies everywhere and it took awhile to get things squared away.

Next up was fabrication of shelves for the tall cabinets.  Standard 1/2" sanded plywood was used for the job.

The tall cabinet got shelves first.  Adding the shelves greatly increased our storage volume.  Note the Kitchen Aid mini-mixer on the second shelf.  This unit allows us to have virtually all the same capabilities we have at home when we are on the road.  This includes the ability to make from-scratch bread easily.ue

The wider short closet was next and 3 shelves were installed.

The base panel for the bed was reinstalled and the lift-assist gas springs were connected.  Tubs were test-fit into the available space to see what will work.

We made a trip to the Container Store to get a variety of tubs that might be appropriate.  In the end, we settled on 3 tub types: 2 smaller, removable tubs with covers and a larger one that will stay in place as it is too big to fit through the passage space.

About every 5 years one of our major appliances dies.  Our home stove has had many issues in the past and a recent failure was the final straw.  The stove was very expensive when we purchased it (1996) and its usage history has been fraught with various issues all relating to the internal electronics.  The most recent failure was destructive in that it required destroying some stove components that had fused together due to heat, corrosion and use to gain access to the stove electronics.  We priced the replacement parts and in the end concluded it was better to just get a new stove that would be more serviceable.

After reviewing a ton of alternatives, Kathleen settled for the Miele 36" unit.

The enhancements to Lance are essentially completed.  Both Kathleen and I were pleased with the outcome and cannot wait to test the setup in action.

Next: head to La Junta to actually remove the HiLo and substitute the Lance on the back of Thor.  This will be a major action that will span 1-4 weeks depending on what issues are uncovered.  The mounting is scheduled for mid-April 2019.

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