Part 20: Victor, MT to Hungry Horse Reservoir, MT


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The Trip

After leaving Victor, MT we headed north toward Kalispell.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

Heading north toward the Flathead Lake area we got a nice view of some of the large peaks to the south of Glacier National Park.

The St. Ignatius area had some striking views of the mountains.

We crossed over a small pass that had a viewing area.  Flathead Lake was visible from the viewpoint.

We stayed in a Montana State Park right on Flathead Lake.  Next to the camp area were a number of really nice houses on their own waterfront.  The docks in the foreground were part of the state park.

By temperature, it was warm.  But, the wind was blowing strong creating a chill breeze.  The windsurfer in the distance was making fast tracks toward the beach.

The fellow in the adjacent campsite had an interesting, if small, trailer.

We were only able to get a spot for one night, so the following morning we broke camp and continued north.  The winds were calm early in the day.

There were some really nice homes on the lake shore.  We traveled north to another state park (Wayfarer) and spent another night on Flathead Lake.

We did a store-stop in Kalispel and then traveled north to Whitefish.  Surprise!!  The final approach route for the Kalispell regional airport is right over the highway.

We headed north to US-2 and then east toward Hungry Horse Reservoir.  The reservoir has a tall dam holding back the water.  The dam is 560 feet high (approx).

Built in the mid-1950s, the dam also has a powerhouse.

We decided that we would drive around the reservoir (about 100 miles) so we crossed the dam and headed south along the west bank of the reservoir.

From the road along the lake shore we spotted an Osprey nest.  Note the small white head at left side of the nest.

The views from the road were stunning.

We traveled south and finally settled on the Lakeview campground.  We were the only vehicle present and had the whole place to ourselves.

We spent two nights at Lakeview.  A number of vehicles came to the camp, but none stayed leaving us alone at the camp.

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