Part 15: Tire Handler, Seats and Completion


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The Trip

Fabrication and assembly continued on the tire handler.  While the fabrication was in-progress, air ride seats were installed in lieu of the stock Mercedes seats.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

The rear cargo deck was modified to allow stowage during travel without interference to the Lance frame.  Ears were welded on the lateral sides of the pivot mounts.

In the front, the hydraulic pistons were attached to mounts of the steering stabilizer and then zip-tied to allow assembly.

The tire mount was positioned and supported with a jack and blocks.  The forward mounting ears were positioned based on the fully-extended hydraulic rams and clamped prior to welding.

Preliminary assembly prior to painting.

The tire mount was painted and the final components were marshalled prior to assembly.

Driver's side final assembly including locking pin.

Passenger side assembly which includes the pawl lock handle.  The handle is rotated counterclockwise to retract the pawl.

Tire handler without tire.

The spare was attached to to the mounting frame with looped ratchet straps.  The cab was tilted to allow access to the intercooler.  By design, there was plenty of clearance between the cab and the tire handler bumper mount.

The coolant recovery bottle was reattached and the system was pressure tested.

Our "stuff" was sorted and put into plastic tubs and placed in the Lance's storage compartments.

The Lance has lots of storage but when mounted on Thor, the doors are quite high off the ground.

Air-ride seats were installed and connected to the air system.  When the seats were installed and tested our stuff was returned to its behind-seat home.

The last test before hitting the road.

This was a big project.  My mental forecast was 3-4 weeks of effort and it ended up being 4 weeks and 1.5 days.  We encountered many challenges, but almost no challenge that was not anticipated.  That is to say the areas where challenges occurred were expected rather than unexpected.

Many thanks to Billy and Rob at Terry Lee Enterprises for their hard work and focus on this effort.

Once the truck was fully loaded and ready to go, we headed toward Colorado Springs to visit relatives.

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