Part 13: Tool Box and Generator Mounts


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The Trip

Additional work was needed to complete the tool box and generator mounts.  When the mounts were completed, it was time to put the Lance trailer on Thor "for real".

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

A support frame was needed to do a test-fit for the generator mount.  We slaughtered an existing equipment drawer from a German fire truck to provide a robust generator mount.

We placed the generator on the mount as part of the test-fit.

The components were  brought over to the welding table to finalize construction.

The nearly-done mount was test-fit again "to be sure" prior to removal for painting.

The generator with the slide extended to allow maintenance access.

The rack would be retracted for normal travel.  Two 1/4" ball-lock pins will be installed to insure that rack stays closed during normal operation.  A locking mechanism will also be added to prevent theft of the generator.

One of the rear tool box mounts before surgery.

The front rack had been attached the previous day and was awaiting it's tool box.

The center tool box had a slide-out tray for our Engel cooler (currently in San Diego).  The box was pressure washed to get rid of the accumulated grime.

Re-fabricated rear mounts awaiting paint.

Test fit of one of the rear mounts.

Our rear fold-down cargo rack made a great work table during the electrical re-fit.

A test-fit of a rear tool box.

Some folks found my bumper sticker offensive.  To this I say "get a life".

Finally, we were ready to back the truck under the Lance and connect it "for real".

I backed in carefully, but was still an inch from center so we used a floor jack to do the final positioning.

There was a small tab that needed to be ground off for the final attachment of the sub-frame to the Lance frame.

As a temporary measure to allow movement of the truck-trailer combination we placed the small propane tank in the cargo drawer.

Lance is down on the frame.  The sub-frame was given light welds to allow movement of the truck to the parking lot to allow us to reach the blackwater dump.  It has been 2 full weeks since our last drain and fill and it was time.

We were looking forward to getting the truck out from the post jack to allow us to extend the slide-out.

Once the waste tanks were drained and fresh water was filled we backed into the shop and extended the slide-out.  We still have plenty of actions to complete this build-out.

Great progress was made today, but many actions remain.  There is plenty of wiring that still needs to be done in addition to adding the propane remote-fill connections and fabrication of the spare tire handler.

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