Part 11: Propane and Battery Box


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The Trip

Fabrication of the propane mounts continues along with the initial design and fabrication of the battery box.  The 8 GC-2 batteries weigh almost 500 pounds (excluding cable and box material) so a careful design will be required.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

The final action on the intercooler mount was the installation of nut/bolt clamps to prevent movement once the mount is installed.

Once the final material for the propane mount was available, another test-fit was performed to insure that things are good.

Thor came equipped with an "armstrong" (AKA manually operated) tire crane mounted between the rear frame rails.  The crane is a worm-drive design that prevents the cable from unwinding unintentionally.  Given that the crane was 30 years old, it was removed from the frame, the rope was unwound and the unit was put in the solvent tank.  We then inspected it and determined that the difficulty in operation was due to a plate that had bent (likely due to load).  Note the tack welds at the right side of the crane.  The plate was bent back, a brace was added and welded to prevent another failure.

The plan is to cut the actuation shaft and replace it with an old socket that will allow use of a normal ratchet or impact wrench to operate the crane.  The worm gear is clearly visible in the photo above.

The intercooler mount, sub-frame cross members and the propane mount await their turn in the paint booth.

The used socket was put into the lathe and the cracked portion was machined off.

The center was then drilled to allow easy mating with the existing collar.

The collar was welded to the socket.

The refurbished crane with cleaned synthetic cable and socket ready for installation.

Finished crane attached to the rear frame cross member.

A final design for the battery box and lifting mechanism was presented, material was cut and welded.

A test of the crane with the actual batteries.  It lifted "easily" but the synthetic cable stretched more than we wanted.  Since we did not know the provenance of the cable, we elected to replace the synthetic with stainless steel cable.

The support frame was added to the battery box.


Another test fit was performed using the essentially completed box.  The driver was used to lift and lower the box.

We have elected to replace the synthetic rope with stainless steel cable.

The frame mounting tabs were cut from 3/8" strip.  The tabs were heated with a torch and bent 45 degrees to better match the junction with the lower frame rail.

The battery box is essentially complete lacking only the power post attachments and the actual battery restraining straps.

Meanwhile, the outside paint booth was used to spray the fabricated components.  Satin black is the color of choice.

A rather fuzzy photo, but the final geometry of the box is clear from the photo above.

More good progress today.  Tomorrow, Thor goes to the muffler shop for a new muffler and exhaust pipe.

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