Manhattan 90th Birthday Trip

Celebrating 90 Great Years


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 Empire State Building and Lower Manhattan as seen from "Top of the Rock".
Sony Alpha 7R Mark III,
1/250 sec, ISO 100, 35mm at f/7.
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The Trip

Kathleen's mother Marguerite was due for a "zero birthday", in this case her 90th.  Marguerite's daughters planned a surprise party and invited "both sides of the family", which as it turns out is a big group.  The planning team arranged to get a party area at Carmine's in the theater district and host a dinner.  Other events were planned including taking in several Broadway shows.  Since we had to fly from San Diego, it seemed reasonable to add a few days onto the plan to allow us some ad hoc sightseeing.  The time of year was not ideal, so the weather was both cold and rainy.


For this trip, I used my new Sony Alpha 7R Mark III camera with Sony 16-35mm GM automatic zoom lens.   The camera/lens combination does an outstanding job, and it surely met my image quality criteria.  We did, however, have some issues with the camera which will result in a return-to-vendor for an exchange.

Trip Details

The link table below contains links to the photos and dialog for each of the days of the expedition.

Links to Daily Adventures
Part Dates Adventure Locations
Grand Central Station and Top of the Rock
Birthday Party at Carmine's
Natural History Museum
World Trade Center


Conclusions and Advice to Travelers

Manhattan is always a fun time and more fun if you have a "gold card".  Everything is pricey, say $16 for a plate of pancakes and $35 for a triple shot of standard Jameson whiskey.  "Good values" for lodging can be found with some effort as there is no rational upper bound on how much you could pay for a room.  Shop around before you book your room. Unlike California, it does rain and get cold here so your travel kit should handle that possibility.


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