Part 6: Rachael and Jimmy Wedding in Leadville, CO


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The Trip

We arrived in Leadville and stayed at the low-budget RV park near the south end of town; it was adequate since our objective was the wedding.  I have never taken photos at a wedding before, so Kathleen and I decided to both take photos and see what was better but give them all to the bride/groom via the web.  In the end, the photos were different since Kathleen was "on the sun side" and I was shooting into the sun with a flash.  The lighting proved challenging, but both cameras came through with flying colors.  We took a ton of photos, so it is impossible to directly include them in this page.  But, fear not, you can see all the photos via clicking on the link below.

The Photos

The aggregate wedding photos from both Kathleen's Fujifilm XH-1 and my Sony A7RM3 can be seen by clicking on this link:  Wedding Photos

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