Part 24: Toledo


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The Trip

We spent the night at a very nice hotel on the hill overlooking Toledo, Spain.  Our plan was to see as much of the city as 5 hours would allow and then get into the rental car and travel the 120 km back to Madrid and return the car.  Our flight left the next morning, so we planned to return the car the night before our flight.  The photos below are a combination of the output of my Sony A7RM2 and Kathleen's new Fujifilm X-Pro-2 with f/1.4 23mm lens.  See if you can tell the differences between 42 megapixels of the Sony and the 24 megapixels from the Fuji.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

Kathleen found us a really nice hotel overlooking the Toledo valley.  Sony.

On our way into Toledo via taxi we could see part of the city built on the cliffs.  Fuji.

Our path into the center of Toledo took us past another fortified castle.  Fuji.

Our taxi took us down some really narrow streets.  Sony.

This looks like a mat of roots, but it is really a brass casting in the Toledo plaza.  Sony.

The main tower of the cathedral of Toledo.  Sony.

The tourist center.  Sony.

The front of the cathedral facing the plaza.  Fuji.

A detail of the carved figures on the front of the cathedral.  Sony.

There was an enclosed walk-way that went from the cathedral to the adjoining building.  Sony.

The cathedral had some nice stained glass panels.  Sony.

The low light of the cathedral made photos  a challenge.  Sony.

The main organ was huge.  Fuji.

This thing was huge.  Note the operator's chair on the balcony, in the center under the longest pipes.  Sony.

Some of the carvings were really stunning.  Fuji.

This wall was huge: intricate and detailed, the panels tell the story of Christ.  Sony.

Some of the carvings depict battles.  Fuji.

These carvings were very intricate.  Sony.

The dome was breathtaking.  Sony.

A 1.2 second exposure of the stained glass, columns and domes.  Fuji.

Carvings in the seat backs for the choir; these appear to be dueling demons.  Fuji.

Each of the choir seats had different carvings.  Sony.

The Monstrance of Toledo.  Plenty of gold and jewels.  This monstrance breaks into two parts: upper and lower.  The lower "stays put" because it is too heavy.  The upper monstrance is carried in religious parades.  Sony.

The central portion of the monstrance has enamel over gold.  Sony.

The patio walls in the cloisters had beautiful paintings.  Sony.

These paintings in the cloisters were brilliant.  Sony.

A heavy-haul cart, possibly used to carry the monstrance.  Sony.

Another monstrance-like artifact.  Sony.

Solid silver plates.  Fuji.

Old religious texts.  Fuji.

One of the side rooms in the cathedral had a wall painted with all the key religious figures.  Not being Catholic, these were either past popes or past bishops of Toledo.  Sony.

Toledo's streets are more narrow than any city that we have visited so far.  Sony.

One of the larger buildings in Toledo.  Fuji.

A parting view of Toledo on our way back to the hotel to get our rental car and drive.  Fuji.

Tomorrow morning we fly back to San Diego via Heathrow.  It will be a long flight but there is really no other way to do it.  Kathleen managed to weasel business class for the longest part of the trip which is London to LA.  After that part, not much else matters.

Toledo is a town that we really short-sheeted.  We spent 5 hours, should have spent 5 days.  But, reality of the calendar rules in these cases.  Many thanks to Kathleen for her meticulous planning and dogged determination in getting arrangements for us: they were flawless.

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