Part 2: South Beach Gay Pride Parade


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The Trip

We discovered, to our surprise, that the Gay Pride parade was happening on Sunday.  We were already in the area and it was nearly impossible to avoid, so "when in Rome....".

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

The hotel across the street from The Clay was classic.  Note the colored accents.

The tree in the street was in bloom but I am not sure of the species, so I am guessing either Dogwood or Magnolia.

Heading back to Ocean Ave, we passed the "trapped balloon".

The parade started with an honor guard and a big bunch of police vehicles.

This fire truck was a classic.  Not many convertible fire trucks around.

I am not sure of the criteria for participation in the parade other than sexual preference.

There were interesting folks everywhere.

Heels seemed to be the big theme for the day.

I am not trying to be judgemental, but guy or girl, this person is not that attractive.

The hairy legs complete the outfit.

This fellow was struggling with the heels on the hoverboard.  All hail women that can do heels!

Not heels, but platform shoes.

Not sure what to say here other than this is not a girl (or at least was not originally)

It was hot, so I am guessing that the girls with the body paint were uncomfortable.

Nice platforms.

It was easy to get folks to pose: just point the lens in their direction and magic happens.

I saw a bunch of baseball-themed costumes.


The girl was quite skilled on the stilts.

Kathleen wanted a photo with this gal.

The "Danas" were tormenting this guy attempting to sleep

Interesting tattoos.

The pose only requires a camera lens in their direction.

This gal sought out Kathleen for the photo.

Sunburn will become a factor here shortly.

This fellow's shirt said "Gaywatch".

Do you think it was crowded?

The fellow on the left was wearing contact lenses.

The End.

It was just chance that the Pride Parade was happening while we were in South Beach.  Having been to them before, we knew what to expect, but every time is the "first time".

Tomorrow we explore a bit more of South Beach and then get on the plane for Madrid.

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