Part 16: Granada (A)


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The Trip

We went out to explore Granada and see some of the "other" sights.  Kathleen tried hard, really hard, to get tickets to the Palace of Alhambra, but failed.  It seems that there is a multi-month wait for tickets and we were late to that party.  She even got up at 0600 and stood in line to attempt to get some of the 600 tickets that they sell every day "ad hoc", but they were sold out before she got her chance.  But as a consolation prize, she got night tickets to Generalife gardens.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

To get tickets, Kathleen got up early and got the shot above from the hotel balcony  of one of the towers at Alhambra.  She took a taxi to the top of the hill and then walked back to the hotel.

There were some flowers in bloom on the path back.

The early morning light prevented harsh shadows on the flower.

Back down on the floor of the canyon, she could see the northern ramparts of the Alhambra.

It was early in the day, so the streets were empty.  Later in the day, this street would be a river of people.

The passages in the Albacin district are very narrow, intentionally so to defeat possible intruders.

One medium-sized vehicle fills the street.  Minivans are used as buses in this section of town.

The palace of justice was next to our hotel.

Across the street was a sea of motorcycles in front of the court building.  Yet-another church is next door.

It took us awhile to figure it out why the tourists seem to come in waves, but the answer was buses full of organized tours.  A tranche of them just passed us.

Granada was occupied by the Moors and "freed" in 1492 by Isabella and Ferdinand.  As the Christians took over, they converted existing structures to their own purposes.  We visited a building called the Madraza, which was an Islamic school.  Currently, the facility is part of the University of Granada.

The madraza had intricate carvings left over from the Moors.

The walls were filled with awesome carvings.

The cupola was intricate, but hard to see.

It must have taken years to carve these walls.  Arabic writing from the Koran circle the wall.

Very remarkable.

The carvings went on and on.

These were very well preserved with very small damaged areas.

Remarkable detail.

The school proper had this intricate ceiling.

And then we moved on to the cathedral next door.

Despite the dim lighting, we could see remarkable carvings to a different god.

This was a very large cathedral with huge, high ceilings.

A close-up of the vaulted arch.

Each of the alcoves had statues.

I assume this was a local bishop.

This is an active church, with people coming and going.

Each ceiling area had different carvings.

This one was too high to see clearly.

Of the entire church, the portion for services was the smallest part.  The structure next to it was much, much larger.

Next, our trip to Alhambra during the day and again at night.

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