Part 30: Huntsville, TX to La Junta, CO


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The Trip

We ran out of daylight and stayed at a very nice RV park that was close to IH-45.  It was starting to get cold at night, but we were relatively comfortable inside the camper.  Next morning we continued north to Irving, TX to visit our friend Vince at his shop.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

It was not clear why this fellow pulled over onto the shoulder, but it was clear that he has a big problem in addition to whatever caused him to pull over.  Note the angle of lean of the truck.

His tires dug deep into the clay-based mud and he is quite stuck.  Even if the truck was actually functional, he is going nowhere.  The photo above was shot through a bug-splattered windshield, thus the discolorations at the right of the photo.

As the highway approached Dallas, we got our first view of the skyline.

The bridge system is a monument to the automobile.

This bridge was quite beautiful.

We traveled to Irving, TX to meet our friend Vince at his shop.  Recently, Vince purchased an ex-mil 5-ton cargo truck and has been doing some restoration.  Above is the spare tire mount.

The 14.00R20 tires were replaced with new 16.00R20 rubber.  These are big tires, around 500 pounds per wheel (mounted).

The front bumper was removed and replaced with a custom aluminum plate.  The winch fairlead, attachment points and tow bar were bead-blasted and powder coated.

The tow bar is very, very heavy and requires some beefy turnbuckles to secure it during travel.

Kathleen's face graces an otherwise (olive) drab cab.

Vince also has a U500 Unimog with custom shelter.

The rear of the U500 also has a custom aluminum plate bumper.

The inside of the shelter uses ProTech tool boxes as cabinets.

The kitchen counter has a butcher block wood surface.  The counter assembly is a rolling tool chest from Sam's Club modified to host the sink.

Additional "industrial strength" drawers were available within the shelter.  Vince loves his stickers.

After a very pleasant evening in Irving that included dinner and a movie, we headed north toward La Junta.  Texas is a big state and it took us 2.5 days to get from Irving to La Junta.  The photo above shows the access stairs of one of the rigs that were parked at the Terry Lee Enterprises facility.  The vehicle at the left of the photo above is the sister truck to Thor: it is also a 1017A but has a very large Global Expedition Vehicles (GXV) shelter.

Since our last visit to Terry Lee Enterprises there has been a big influx of U500-based rigs.  TLE is one of the few places that services this class of vehicle.  Above is another GXV truck in for service.

TLE has a number of U500 and standard Unimogs for sale.

The U500 at the right has power take off shafts.  The green U1550 has large winches front and back.

The rear view of both trucks.  Note the 3-point hitch on the U500.

Inside the facility were more U500s.  Another GXV truck being serviced.

The owner of this U500 wanted to add CTIS (central tire inflation) to his truck.  This addition required a nearly complete disassembly of each corner of the vehicle.

An older 404 Unimog for sale.

Thanks to those who hosted us, we greatly appreciate your hospitality.

Our plan for La Junta is to complete the maintenance actions that were prevented due to lack of parts.  The parts, it seemed, we stalled in Houston due to hurricane Harvey.  The focus of the maintenance is replacing cooling system hoses as they are 30 years old.  Although no leak has happened, it is just a matter of time.  We expect to be in La Junta for 2-3 days depending on the work load in the TLE shop.

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