Part 1: Kaanapali and Northwest Coast


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The Experience

Our flight to Maui was quite easy, but nearly every seat on the plane was full.  Despite the "cattle car" environment, it was not all that bad: 6 hours and we arrived around noon.  Our first action was to get a rental car, then off to Costco for supplies.  Once we had our liquor and snacks, we headed out toward our friend's timeshare in Kaanapali.  We had a "conventional" first day which was dealing with acquiring supplies, check-in at the hotel, etc.  We went out for food and had a pleasant, if tipsy, dinner and then went back to the hotel for some quality rack time.  Next morning, we headed out to see the surrounding sights in the daylight.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

Near the pool at the Westin I spotted this egret(?) working the bushes for breakfast.

One possible version of "paradise".

The pool at the Westin was adjacent to the beach; the ocean is visible in the background.

Like most good tropical resorts, the Westin had a koi pond with lotus flowers.

We loaded our rental car with our stuff and headed out on a day trip.  Visible to the northwest in the distance in the photo above is the island of Molokai.

We followed the ring road around the north shore of the island and came upon a turnout that gave us a nice view of an excellent snorkeling cove.

Further up the road we came to a viewpoint that gave us a commanding view of the shoreline.  The trade winds were blowing hard resulting in whitecaps on the ocean.

Looking to the west from the overlook we could also see the island of Lanai across the channel in the distance.

Kathleen was clearly enjoying the view.

Continuing east on the ring road we came upon a sign for a blow hole.  We dismounted and walked to see what was there.  In the distance we could see the hole spouting with each good set of waves.

The wave action caused the water to explode through the hole throwing huge jets of spume into the strong wind.

The trade winds took the ejected spume and spread it far to the west coating the rocks with sea water.

Further to the east we came upon another viewpoint that provided a first look at a huge "head" on the distant coastline and our first view of the large volcanic crater on Maui in the far distance.

The north shore of Maui had plenty of rugged cliffs resulting from the strong wave action.

The road took us to the base of the headland.

The road was narrow; only one lane with turnouts.  Happily, there was minimal traffic.  We stopped at a roadside stand to get some banana bread and saw that the villagers had terraces constructed to allow cultivation of taro, a local staple.

Due to the road conditions and a commitment later in the afternoon we turned around at Kahakuloa.  We passed this car that had burned at the side of the road.  The story here is the intensity of the fire was sufficient to melt the alloy wheels.  The remains of the wheel can be seen propped up against the side of the rear corner of the car.

The heat of the fire also melted the intake manifold and the valve covers, also made from alloy.  A certified mess.

On the way back, we stopped at the Ritz-Carlton for an exploitatively-priced lunch.  Above is one man's vision of paradise (but not THIS man's vision).

Returning to Kaanapali, we spotted some nice blooms near a walkway.

The hotel's grounds were well kept.

I found this bloom rather appealing.  In general, the grounds had nice gardens.

Later that night we went to a luau.

After the dances and the fire show was completed, the master of ceremonies made himself available for photos.

The area around Kaanapali is nice, although totally tourist-oriented.  Separation of tourists from their paychecks is job-one here on the island and they have it down to a fine art.  Every lobby is a marketing opportunity; ever shuttle is festooned with ads and video pitches about timeshares.  While understandable and predictable, I found it rather uncomfortable.

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