Part 5: Sigma Phi Epsilon Reunion


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The Trip

Rich and Deb LaPrairie hosted the Sig Ep party at their home in Reno.  Plenty of the brothers showed up, but many others could not attend so Rich had a plan to "include" them via a Skype conference call.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

The BBQ got some major use during the party.  Rich and his son Jules did the majority of the cooking.

Ramsey talks with Eric and Steve.

My feeble, if not pathetic, attempt at a selfie.

Bill and Gary review the photo roll on his phone.

Sitting around the pool was very pleasant.

Eric, Paul and Jim watch a Skype session with a brother that could not attend.

Duncan Lestina and Gary Lubers.

Lubers and Ruppert look at photos.

Paul brought his drone and flew it over the party house.

The drone is a DJI Phantom with a gimbaled camera mount.

One of our brothers, Dale, could not attend, so we used Skype to connect with him.

Bill and Jim talk about old times.

The crew relaxes around the pool before our chapter meeting.

A very respectable group shot thanks to Kathleen.  Front row, L to R: Rich Rein (kneeling), Vic Miller, Rich LaPrairie, Craig Clemmons, Stacey Arnston, George Sanders.  Second Row: Duncan Lestina (with red cup), Steve Phiper, Bill Caid (red shirt).  Third row:  Eric Eckelberg, Paul Shattuck, Jim Pyle, Gary Weiss, Bob Cuffney, Qingbin Chen.

All of us have aged quite a bit since our last reunion, but time will do that to you.

After some formal announcements, we passed the gavel and all got a chance to speak.

Jim Pyle makes a point.

Bill Ruppert recalls some old days.

Bob Cuffney get his chance at the gavel.

George always has something to say, this time was no different.

Gary addresses the group.

Every member gets a chance to speak, including me.

Craig Clemmons recalls a funny moment in the past.

Richard, our host, tells us about a book written by a member of the group.

Jim and Bill consider a comment by Victor.

Mark Wood was the first to attempt the kiddie slide.

Paul, Fred and Duncan discuss world hunger.

Rich removes a rack of ribs from his BBQ.  The food was excellent.

Bob cracks a joke and the others laugh.

Stacey Arnston and Mark Wood .

Fred has to crash; he has lost the ability to keep up but given his advanced age, we'll cut him some slack.

Duncan puts on a slide show for the group.  He had some classic photos from the 1970's that had us all laughing like crazy.

Rich and Deb put on a great spread for dinner.  There was plenty of beer and other liquor, so we all had a great time.

Special thanks to Rich and Deb for their hard work in planning and organizing the reunion.

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