Part 6: Playa Hermosa to Brasilito


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The Trip

We stayed at the El Velero Hotel in Playa Hermosa and it was nice; it was right on the beach and the restaurant was good.  They had a fenced parking lot so we were not worried about the vehicle.

From Playa Hermosa,  we decided to head south along the coast to Brasilito.  While the road to Brasilito was dirt, it was very short and took a bit more than an hour.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

We needed to get supplies in Hermosa, so we walked to the mini-super.  Along the way, we spotted this termite nest in the trees.

Across from the mini-super was a place called Don Quijote.  They had a nice painting on the wall outside.

Hermosa was not crowded, at least early in the morning.

The sun was strong so long sleeves were the order of the day.  The far cliffs are by the Four Seasons Resort and reminded us of the terrain in southern Baja.

To the south the condos on the hill were visible.

Before the road turned to dirt we passed this group of cattle on the road making their way from pasture to pasture.  They were being escorted as opposed to running loose so despite their presence on the road, it was not as odd as it seemed.

Some of the houses are palatial and this one was perhaps the best example.  On the highest hill around with a 360 degree view of the ocean, the upper tower is crenelated like a medieval castle. 

Brasilitos was only a short distance away and was basic in every respect: dirt road, bare-bones shops, etc.

The shop across the street from our (basic) hotel surely fit the mold.

The beach at Brasilitios was nice, but essentially deserted.

Looking to the north it was the same story.

Our hotel was "basic" as well but they had a nice patio area.

Brasilito probably looks like most of the beach towns looked 30 years ago.

This structure was a local cafe.

We headed to Playa Tamarindo for the afternoon as we were getting bored.  Tamarindo is also a nice beach, but much more touristy.  There were tons of folks and parking was an issue.  But, the view above pretty much tells the story.  The smudge on the far horizon is smoke from a burning field.

The section along Tamarindo beach was very beautiful with nice restaurants having seating right on the sand.

Private fishing and tour boats were moored in the harbor.

There were plenty of folks in the water attempting to surf the small waves in the bay.

We stopped in one of the nicer hotels for a cocktail and saw this.  The front was as nice as the back and was quite a refreshing change from the flabby, grey-haired gringas we had been seeing.

The hotel was nice, but very busy.  We might stay here if we make another trip to the area.

We saturated on Tamarindo and headed back to Brasilitos for dinner.  We ate at a small cafe on the beach with chairs in the sand.  Other than the mosquitoes, it was a very pleasant dinner.

We spent the balance of the evening in the bar at the hotel mostly because there were no chairs in the room and sitting on the uncomfortable bed for an extended period of time was out of the question.  Instead, we drove bar stools and watched Avatar in espanol.

Next: South to Nosura and a meeting with a local mogger.

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