Part 16: La Paz Waterfall Park Part 2


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The Trip

After our hike to the waterfalls, we cruised around the park to see what else was here.  There were plenty of things to see but it was getting late and the exhibits closed at 5pm.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

There was an open-air hummingbird exhibit.  There were sufficient numbers of birds in the area so all that was required was some feeders.  There were plenty of the green birds and they fought over space at the feeders.

This was a different type of green hummingbird.  Note the markings under his throat.

This blue hummer was big and aggressive.  He took what he wanted and easily displaced the other birds.

Note the tongue sticking out.

The blue bird was much bigger than the other birds.  But extra weight means a need for extra fuel.  He was drinking every minute or so.

These birds were always in motion.

We passed the monkey house, but the inmates looked sad.  They are always in motion and this one stopped long enough for me to manually focus through the wire of the cage.

We went through the Butterfly House and the attendant asked if we could hold some newly "born" butterflies.  Kathleen volunteered.

The gal kept pulling new 'flies out of her basket and putting them on Kathleen.

Some of the butterflies dried their wings then flew away.  This one just hung out.

This was a good sized Monarch butterfly.

Look at the head structure on this fellow.

This one was brightly colored.

I was surprised that they cultured so many species at once.

This was a pretty nice specimen.

This one was a hitch-hiker and rode out of the containment area on my shoulder.  I did not notice it until we were in the casita.  Great colors on this one.

We got him off my shirt and onto a branch where he stayed for several hours before flying away.

We walked past the jungle cat exhibit and saw this inmate.  Autofocus does not work through wire or bars, so manual focus is the order of the day.  Sadly, the ocelot did not get to where I could see his face clearly.

This is mountain lion similar to what lives in the mountains in southern Arizona.  This cat was unique in that he was watching us with intent.  The other cats either ignored us or were doing something else.

This pair of magueys looked real cozy.

This jaguar was endlessly pacing back and forth but ignoring our presence.

This jaguar was in another cage and was watching the first jaguar.

This is not a house cat, but something close.  I did not catch the name, but it had huge paws.

A very beautiful feline.

The park had a snake exhibit too, but we got there at closing time and only photo this one viper with a nasty, broad head.

La Paz Park is a must-see if you are in San Jose area.  It can be done as a (long) day trip from the city.  There is plenty to see and the hike to the waterfalls will test your mettle.

Tomorrow, we head south toward Alajuela and our flight back to San Diego.  Along the way, we will stop and see Volcan Poas (if it is not cloudy) and anything else that we can cram in to our last remaining day in Costa Rica.

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