Part 7: Vitre


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The Trip

We finished our visit to Mt. St. Michele and then got in the car to head to La Mans, our destination for the night.  Along the way, we stopped at the small town of Vitre to visit one of the chateaus in the area.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

En route to the chateau Vitre, we passed this nice church along the side of the road.

Next to the church was this monument.

When we got to Vitre, we found a place to park easily.  From our parking place we had a nice view of the local "Notre Dame" church.

The spires of (this) Notre Dame were quite impressive.  Not as impressive as THE Notre Dame, but Vitre is a small town.

The outside of the Chateau Vitre.

The chateau has a substantial moat, currently dry.

The drawbridge lift mechanism.

Jim and Kathleen inspect the drawbridge hardware.

Inside the courtyard of the chateau at Vitre.

The "rectangular tower" of the chateau.  Note the delivery van crossing the draw bridge.

The round tower was open for a tour so we got a ticket and went.

Substantial renovations were in progress but some of the artifacts were still on display.

The dim lighting and no flash made photography challenging, but this carving came out despite the challenges.

The ceiling of one of the round towers.

A very old, primitive, small-bore cannon.

From the round tower, we could see Vitre's Notre Dame cathedral.

The royal crapper.  This is a hole in the floor that sadly drops onto the outside of the castle walls.

We left the Chateau Vitre and explored some of the medieval portion of the town.  Note the nice stone work.

In the world of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I saw this for sale in a shop window and just had to take a photo.  I doubt that it would match the decor in my home.  Or one could only hope.

The narrow streets of Vitre.

Near the town square there were some very nice homes and apartments.

Note the turret on this house and the narrow street.

On our way back to the car we went to explore Notre Dame.

The wooden carvings above the door lists 1689 as the date, but that could just be the date of the carving, not the date of the church.

There were several very nice stained glass windows in the church.

Another nice stained glass window.

From Vitre, we headed to the medieval city of Le Mans.

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